Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Agri-fair 2008

This weekend I reprised my role as volunteer security at the Agri-fair. When I was initally asked if I would volunteer I agreed but in the back of my mind, I thought that I would try and get a different posting. When I showed up and started chatting with people, I decided that it was just easier to stick with what I knew. Plus, that way I got to see all the awesome people I met last year and security isn't all bad.

I had three shifts this year. Friday from 6-10, Saturday from 3-7 and Sunday from 6-10. Of course I was there a lot more than that and my shifts kind of expanded to fit my availability but it all worked out.

Friday I was again positioned at the rodeo. There were some rumblings by the local humane society in the newspaper before the event so we were watching for protestors on top of watching for regular rowdiness. Afterwards I helped keep people away from the fireworks as well which of course gave me a front row seat :)

Saturday I was at the fair just before noon and I spent the time before my shift taking it all in. Pioneer corner, crafting displays (quilting, needlework, sewing you name it!), main stage concerts, the logging show, BC150 Heritage Displays, home show, cooking shows, livestock displays and shows and more.

The best part about Agri-fair is that I can hardly get ten steps without running into another person that I know. It comes from growing up in one town and being involved in the community. It's great!

My "assignment" Saturday afternoon was to guard a fence on the back side of the fair grounds. Incredibly boring work, located right beside where the flyball tournament was taking place. I was sick of hearing barking dogs by the time I got out of there.

I was off at 6:45 and I managed to catch most of Kristal Barrett's performance on the mainstage. Then I headed up to the rodeo to actually WATCH it (without paying attention to the crowd). After a few events I came back down to the stage to watch the Saturday night headliner, Rick Tippe. Rick is a local artist with a long history at Agri-fair. This was my first time seeing him live and he was fantastic. Very much in to crowd interaction and armed with tons of great songs.

Sunday after church we had a picnic and then I came back to the fair. I managed to catch the Lord Strathcona's Mounted Troop performance. They are what the RCMP Muscial Ride evolved out of and they do a fantastic show. After that I reported in as a volunteer and was again stationed at the rodeo. This time I was facing the crowd so I didn't really get to enjoy the events but people watching is always fun. By the time the rodeo was over the sun had set and the wind had picked up so I was freezing. I hung around briefly and then headed home to warm up.
My dad can't understand why I chose to dedicate most of my long weekend to volunteering at the fair and I can't really explain it. Just that it's something I love to do.

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