Friday, December 29, 2006


I got my passport yesterday. I had to go pick it up from the post office becuase a signature was required. Works for me! My head was slightly in the picture so they just re-aligned it. Now my shoulders are out of whack. Oh well. At least they accepted the picture.

The interesting part is that if I am "abroad" and need assistance but there is no Canadian Consulate or anything, I'm directed to the British office. Guess there's perks to being part of the Commonwealth after all!

I'm just glad to finally have a passport. It's only about six years in the making :P


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mere's Home!!!

Seven hundred and seven days. That's approximately how long Meredith was in Australia. Just under two years. Yes she visited for eighteen days in the middle of that last year. Yes we talked infrequently on the phone and by email/blogs/myspace but there is something wonderful about having your best friend in the same time zone as you.

She arrived in Vancouver on Christmas morning. We both had family commitments for Christmas day so we did took care of those. Boxing Day (Tuesday, December 26th) was just for us though. I picked her up around 11 and we headed into Vancouver.

We had lunch at Steamworks Brewery down by water front station. I took this picture just after lunch. Then we wandered around downtown. We went through Pacific Centre where she bought me a awesome purse that I needed very badly. We went to Starbucks where she spilt her Pumpkin Spice Latte :( but got a new one from the nice SB people :) We went and saw "The Holiday" which we both thoroughly enjoyed. And then we went home. Mostly, we just enjoyed being together. Knowing that, for the future anyways, we're just a short drive away.

It's good to have you back Best Friend!!!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Pictures

To start, the Christmas tree. Its the first one we've had in this house but it turned out very nice. Mom did most if not all of the decorating and she kept it quite simple. I don't know if you can see here or not but there is a whole flock of handmade ceramic angels near the top. Those are courtesy of my paternal grandmother. (if you click on the picture it should make it bigger and you may be able to see them better)

On to the gifts. There were lots of nice gifts given and received. Robert and I both got a bunch of kitchen stuff. The best reaction was when Mom opened this clock from me. I don't think I've posted about it yet. A few, actually, MANY months ago, Mom gave me the six pictures seen here. They are the first grade photos from her, my dad and each of us four kids. She asked me to do something with them so they could be displayed some how. I put it off and put it off but in September or so Anne (from dinner on Friday) found these awesome clocks somewhere online. They had to be ordered in bulk so she ordered a dozen and we each bought some off of her. When I had the clock in hand I brought the pictures to work, scanned them, re-sized them so they were uniform and added the years. Then I printed them off, cut them down and popped them into the slots along with some Basic Grey paper. I kept the decoration very simple because I wanted the focus to be on the clock itself. Anyways, Mom was *thrilled*. She's not sure where she's going to hang it but she was SO happy with what I came up with. I guess there is something to be said for home made gifts :)

Instead of getting Aaron a bunch of smaller gifts, we all chipped in and gave him a Play Station 2. Because it was such a special gift, I didn't want to just GIVE it to him. I made him work for it by doing a short treasure hunt. I gave him a clue that said "a star shall lead them". On the back of the star on the nativity scene was another piece of paper that said "PIP". That refers to "Picture in Picture" my dad's *favourite* feature on the tv downstairs. on the side of the tv was a paper that had the first part of Aaron's email address. That meant he had to check his email where he found a message that I had sent just before we started opening gifts. That one said "Squeaky Clean" which led him to the bathroom where I had placed the wrapped PS2 on a towel in the bathtub. He was really excited about the game system and forgave me for putting him through the paces like that :) It should be noted that the tshirt and necklace he is wearing were also gifts from Seth.

On Christmas morning it is SO easy to take a zillion pictures. I tried to limit them this year and I made a point of also handing over the camera so I was included. I was designated elf this year so I sat by the tree and distributed the gifts. This picture is me holding a martini glass from Seth & Robert. Remember I posted a few months ago that I'd like to collect funky ones? Well this is number two and it is truly funky. The stem has black and silver stripes on it. Very cool.

Here is a picture of everything I got:
- Measuring cups from mom & dad (one cup, two cups and four cups)
- The martini glass
- Hand Mixer from mom & dad, which I really needed/wanted. The one I have is Mom's old one but there is only one beater. It's frustrating so I'm excited to have a proper one.
- Wooden spoons from Mom & Dad
- A book called "Let's Call it Canada" which has all sorts of trivia on how different places in Canada got their names (also from Mom & Dad)
- Cheese knives and picks from Robert (he knows how much I adore cheese so this is perfect)
- The new Doc Walker cd from Seth. I gave him the name of about ten cd's that I want and this is the one he picked. I'm SO happy. I mean I'll be seeing them live in less then two weeks, it would be good if I am familiar with their new music. I've been listening to it almost non-stop in the car and each time I hear it I like it more. Some people might find it weird to get music for Christmas considering the number of cd's I buy for myself on a regular basis. The thing is, everytime I listen to this cd now I'll think of Seth so it makes it extra special.
- The black thing with Pooh bear on it is a cd holder for my visor. I'll get lots of use out of it.
- Down front is a very pretty candle holder from Aaron. It's shaped like a flower and the petals are a shell of some sort from the Phillipines (he thinks...he doesn't really remember :))
- And last but not least, my very own SCRABBLE DICTIONARY!!! I was SO excited about that LOL. It's one version newer then Mom's and all the pages are intact (her J, Y and Z pages have fallen out). We've already gotten lots of use out of it and I can't wait to use it more.

So that was our Christmas. I'll leave you with a few shots of us playing games. Seth having a conversation with the rabbit and me enjoying dessert while keeping score for Scrabble.

It was a good day. I hope your holiday was as enjoyable as mine!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Well, I logged onto blogger a few times over the holiday but I never got around to actually writing anything coherent. Let’s see if I can capture the last few days for you.

Friday after work I went straight to the Christmas party for my old work. It was nice to see everyone there. They had a chocolate fountain too which was yummy!

From there I headed South to Bellingham where I met up with a bunch of SS sisters for (what I hope is) our first annual Christmas dinner. It was absolutely wonderful. We all arrived around six (except Sue who made sure to get there early so we had a table) and didn’t look at our watches until ELEVEN O’CLOCK!!!

Here’s the group picture we took. Back: Sue, Heidi, Darrcie, Ann. Front: Anne, Deb, Charlynn.

Ann was visiting from Colorado and she was the main reason for our get together. It was wonderful to see everyone though. Like I told Deb in an email later on, I left the restaurant on Friday with the warmest fuzziest feeling. It is awesome to be able to call such fantastic group of ladies my friends.

I hit Walmart on the way home. Didn't spend very much but man was it busy!!!

Saturday I needed to finish up my shopping. It was a very grey day and it was drizzling a bit but I put on my hoodie and my tennis shoes and went for a walk. From my house I can do a loop around the historic downtown in a very short time period. It felt good to walk and get some fresh air instead of dealing with traffic and trying to find parking spots. Of course that came later when I hit the mall.

Oh, I forgot, Robert arrived just before I got home on Friday night. He, Seth and I sat around and chatted for awhile and then at 1:30 am (AM) we STARTED a game of Scrabble. Well, we finished it too. I won that one. It was one of many games this weekend.

So Saturday I finished most of my shopping (I picked up the last gift on Sunday after church). Saturday night we had dinner at my parents. Seth and Robert have decided that Scrabble is the best game out there, which is *perfectly* fine with me. I used to have to bribe them to play with me so I'm loving this new attitude. We ended up having another rather late night but it was worth it. There is nothing quite like sitting around with family and laughing yourself silly.

Sunday, as mentioned was church. Afterwards, in honour of my dad's fiftieth birthday, we went out for dinner. Strangely enough, we went to Olive Garden. That's where I went with my SS friends on Friday. I swear I haven't been to OG in two years (basically since Meredith left) and this weekend I hit it twice in three days! Not that I'm complaining. They do have good food and the portions are huge so I make a point of bringing half of it home and freezing it for lunch. It was weird to go there so close together though.

After dinner we went back to my parents house were we played a few more rounds of Scrabble, a game of Risk (I made a valiant effort to hold on to Australia but Seth's army was too strong) and Yahtzee. We also continued with our Christmas tradition of begging for "just ONE present". Dad opened a few birthday gifts and and we passed out some stocking stuffers too. Stocking stuffers traditionally have been 90% edible in our house. This year the tradition continued.

Robert came back with Seth and I to our place overnight. In the morning I slept in somewhat and then wrapped presents!!! The boys had only finished their shopping the day before so we wrapped up all the gifts and then headed back over to Mom & Dad's. (In case you're wondering it's only about 3kms from our house to theirs so running back and forth isn't a big deal). We got there around noon and proceeded to take our time opening gifts (just like we like it).

I'm going to put the res of this as a seperate post because I've uploaded pictures.


Friday, December 22, 2006

The Heidi Show...the one where Heidi says "Merry Christmas"

So this morning Doug was encouraging callers to phone in and send out Christmas wishes. I waited until I was on the road and called him and sent out a "Merry Christmas to my mom Lorry and my littlest brother Aaron, who should be on his way to school right now providing Mom didn't let him sleep in". Doug and I chatted on air briefly about how old Aaron is, what my plans were for the day (two consecutive Christmas parties starting at 4pm) and how nice it will be to be off for a few days.

A couple of minutes after we said good bye, my cell phone rang. It was Aaron, he and Mom had just gotten in the van to take him to school and they heard Doug say "Heidi!" so they turned up the radio and heard the whole thing!!! It was awesome :D

Aaron's going through a bit of "teenager attitude" right now but I could hear the excitement in his voice about having his name mentioned on the radio. I emailed Doug when I got to work and told him that he made our day and he wrote back to say it was "his pleasure". Have I mentioned how much I'm going to miss him?

BTW I do have two Christmas parties today. I'm making an appearance at the party for my old job. As a director it's only right. From there I'm heading down to Bellingham for dinner with my SS friends.

After I leave work today my internet access will be sporadic until I get back next Wednesday. I'll try and post from Mom and Dad's though.


Picking up the tickets

I raced over to the radio station yesterday after work. I had to be there before five and I got there by 4:50 something. They're doing renovations so I had to ring a doorbell and wait while someone came to open the door. There were two women there one named Tracy and another one who left shortly after I arrived. While Tracy got the tickets I admired all the signed photos of artists who had been in the studio (many of which I have as well but that's another topic). I commented on them to Tracy and we ended up talking about meeting artists, winning tickets, how the radio business works and a whole bunch of things. I was there for probably a half an hour! I mentioned that I had talked to Steve the day before and she was like "do you want to meet him?" Of course I said yes. She took me in and showed me the news room and then when Steve was off air (during a song) she took me INTO the studio, introduced me and I got to see the control panel and computer equipment that they use. It was AWESOME! I felt like a little kid :D

I've decided that I definitely don't want to be IN radio, but it was fascinating to learn about it.

As for the tickets, I'm not totally sure what I'll do with them. The ones I already have are much better seats. Well, they're not even seats. I have general admission tickets for the reserved section up front. The tickets I won are row 14, section Z, the corner section of the concert bowl. I'm debating whether I should give them away or try and sell them to re-coup some of my costs for the tickets I *did* buy.

Anyone wanna buy some tickets? I'll give you a good deal! :D


Thursday, December 21, 2006

So. Many. Things. To. Post!!!

This is what happens when you don't blog for a few days. A bunch of things happen and then you don't know where to start!!! I'm going to have to go with a brain dump style entry and see if I can capture it all.

The Heidi Show Part III aka the sad chapter
I was on the radio again on Monday. Doug, the morning show host, announced on Friday that he was leaving the radio station. I didn't actually hear the announcement on Friday but I heard a re-cap on the weekend so Monday morning I called to confirm it. It's sad because, as you all know, I really enjoy waking up to him every morning and calling him periodically. But, he had a great opportunity open up in Calgary so I'm trying to be happy for him.

The interesting part about this edition of the Heidi Show was that my mom actually heard it being broadcast! That was kind of cool.

Dierks is Coming
My boss doesn't quite get my love of country music but she tries. She knows all about the concerts and the fact that I got to meet Dierks in Everett (I've framed the picture of the two of us and it sits on my desk :D) Yesterday, in passing, she mentioned "By the way, your guy Dierks is coming to Vancouver in January" I laughed and said "Yes, I know, I have tickets already!"

Insider Info
Yesterday afternoon I made a mad dash to an LSS for some supplies I needed for a gift I'm making. On the way back I called the DJ who does the afternoon drive show. His name is Steve. At 5 pm they do the "Top Five at Five". Basically, each day, listeners vote for their favourite songs and at five o'clock the ones with the most votes are played. I wanted to suggest that they create a write in box so we can vote for songs that may not be listed. I ended up talking off air with Steve for at least ten minutes. He gave me a bunch of information on how the radio process actually works, what they can and can't do and why I can or can't request certain songs. It was f.a.s.c.i.n.a.t.i.n.g!!!

Remember back in October when I found out that Dierks was coming to Vancouver? And how I found out? By checking the Doc Walker website for tour dates and seeing that they are opening for Dierks? If you don't, here's the link: Dierks Day As I mentioned in that post, Doc Walker was my first "concert" and the first artists that I met after the show. My first "real" concert was George Strait & Dierks at the Pacific Coliseum (where he'll be headlining in January, about two and a half year after opening for George!)

The radio station (the same one I mentioned twice earlier in this post) is giving away tickets to the show and everyone who wins tickets is entered to win meet and greet passes with the Doc Walker boys.

Guess who won tickets this morning?

Isn't that insane??? I mean I already HAVE tickets. General Admission ones at that but I'd really like to talk to the Doc Walker boys again and I knew the answer oh so difficult trivia question that Doug put out this morning. "What is Dierks middle name". Answer? "He doesn't HAVE one." Anyways, I tried calling and lo-and-behold, I got through. I haven't won anything since this summer when I got Leann Rimes tickets from the same station. Keep in mind that this is the same station that gave me the Dierks tickets in the first place.

Crasy isn't it? Oh and get this, I'm picking the tickets up this afternoon. Guess who I claim them from? Steve! The afternoon drive guy. I was going to email him this morning to say "thanks for talking to me yesterday" but I figure I'll tell him in person instead.

BTW my co-workers have decided that I don't just have lucky horseshoes up my butt but the whole stinkin' horse!!! (s'cuse the crude illustration :P)

~Heidi...aka Miss Lucky :D

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Square Dancing

DianaSioux left the following comment on my last blog entry:
Hey, I didn't know you square danced! I remember doing a section of that in PE in grade school. Everyone moaned and groaned because it was so "uncool", but I secretly enjoyed it.

I'm replying to it here because it deserves it's own post :)

Obviously, you all now know I square dance. People ask why I started and I always tell them "Because it's the only "A" I ever got in high school PE!" LOL It's true. In grade ten during the winter quarter we had square and line dancing and then first aid. I got 93% that semester. I hated gym. I think I did better that semester because I didn't have to change into a gym strip. In grade ten there were five PE classes running at the same time. The girls grade ten, boys grade ten, French nine and two grade eight classes. The previous unit had run over so the girls and boys grade ten classes ended up dancing together (as opposed to with the grade eights) That class was so much fun. We actually tried a version of round dancing then too (something we wouldn't have done with the younger kids)

Anyways, when I started my last job I was in a new town. I saw the ad for square dancing in the paper and thought I'd try it. I need to be more active and this seemed like a good way to do it. I convinced a friend of mine to dance with me for the first few months but they he backed out because he just didn't have time. Since then I've made do with a variety of other partners. My "regular" partner is a guys who's wife doesn't dance. We have fun together.

Typically I dance Plus on Monday nights and Mainstream on Thursday's. Thursday is also when the beginners come so it's a lower level of dance. It's good for refreshing and review.

I have about a dozen skirts and four crinolines already too. I've been given a bunch, I've bought a few and my mom even made me one. I'll try and take pictures of them some time for you.

So there you go, I am a square dancer :)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty good.

Friday, as previously posted, was our annual Christmas Dance. This marks two years since I started square dancing. I really noticed how much I've improved over the last year. In 2005, at the Christmas dance, I sat out for about half of them tips because I wasn't comfortable dancing at the level they required. This time I only sat out on a few round dances (round dances and square dancing are two related but different styles of dance. The biggest difference is that squares require eight people. Rounds are just one couple moving around the room in a big circle. I can do two-step rounds but not waltzes.) Anyways, I was quite proud of myself. Yes we messed up a few times but over all I had a great time. Dinner was yummy too :)

Saturday I thought I was doing well, I got up at a decent hour and had breakfast but my mom called WAY before I was ready to go. The plan was to go shopping in Bellingham (since that's the closest Target to me). Once I got over my shock of not having as much time to get ready as I had anticipated, the day got rolling and it was good. Mom, Seth and I went to Target. I ended up being the only one who actually bought anything though. That means I have exactly 29% of my christmas shopping done. (For my immediate family. The only gifts I feel I HAVE to buy. The rest are all optional)

Sunday after church I went to Mom & Dad's for lunch...again. Hey, they invited me! I ended up leaving really soon after eating though. My house was a mess and I *had* to get home to clean it. Luckily while I did dishes Seth tied up and took out the garbage and stuff. That helped a lot. It was stressing me out to live in such an untidy home.

After finishing the dishes I ran to the grocery store for a few essentials like yogurt for breakfast, mandrin oranges and brown sugar. I'm still on my grocery ban and I'm doing pretty well with it :) The funny thing is this morning I got to work and on my desk was a bunch of chocolate and a gift card for the grocery store! I promise I won't use it till the new year though :)

Yesterday evening after cleaning up, Seth and I went over to Mom and Dads. We went under the pretense of decorating their tree but we ended up having a scrabble marathon instead. I was royally trounced on the first two rounds and on the third one I was winning until mom spelled "KO" with her last letters. Is KO an acceptable scrabble word? That's under debate right now :P

So yes, it was a good weekend. I have a list a mile long to deal with this evening. I shouldn't have any problems tackling it though.


Friday, December 15, 2006


Hey there,

Not much to report. I'm kind of stressing out about Christmas but I think I have a plan in place. Hopefully I'll have something positive to report after the weekend.

Tonight I'm going to the Christmas Dinner/Dance for square dance. It's always a good time with lots of good food so I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a happy, stress free weekend.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My 2006 Christmas Letter

Because I haven't seen any of my extended family for a year and a half, I wrote the letter below, photocopied it onto Christmassy paper and sent it out along with this picture of me:

(this version of the letter has been slightly edited for internet usage)

Seasons Greetings to you and yours,

I admit I never thought I would be one of those people who sent out a Christmas letter but since 2006 was such a full year for me and because I wasn’t able to make it out to visit any of you, I thought it would be appropriate.

Highlights of 2006 by the month

December 2005 – Given 12 weeks notice that my contract with CFDC would not be renewed after almost seven years. Immediately offered a different position with the parent company which, after much thought, I turned down in January. (Sometimes change is good).
January – Offered a position as a part-time house sitter. I split my time between there and home for the next six months. Started serious job search.
March – On the last day of my employment with CFDC I was hired as the Executive Assistant at the XXXX.
April – Went to a Seattle Sonics game with my friend Darrcie. Our seats were on the second row up from the floor!
June – Took a four night “Writing for the Executive” course at SFU Harbour Centre (Downtown Vancouver)
July – Robert moved to Vernon, BC to take over management/ownership of a Domino’s Pizza store
July 28 – Three days before my 25th birthday and a week after I finished house sitting, I moved into an apartment with Seth. We work opposite shifts so it’s a perfect arrangement.
August – Camping in Vernon. Invited to sit on the Board of Directors for CFDC (they don’t want to let me go!)
September 6-9 – Global Buyers Mission trade show in Whistler, BC with the XXXX.
September 22-30 – The XXXX’s Annual General Meeting was in Philadelphia, PA. I talked my boss into letting me fly out early and spend the weekend visiting friends in Virginia. We spent one afternoon doing a whirlwind trip of Washington, DC and a day of touring a early 19th century plantation and Mount Vernon, home of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The week in Philadelphia was fantastic. There is SO much history there. I had one full day for sightseeing there as well.
October – Thanksgiving in Vernon with Robert. Also saw the impressive Adam’s River Sockeye Salmon Run.
November – Visited friends in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

Between attending country concerts (Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Leann Rimes, Dierks Bentley and others), scrapbook retreats, and church, card making, square dancing, working, volunteering, keeping house and attempting to have a social life, I’ve been busy.

I hope this letter finds each of you well.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two years

I was talking to Meredith last night and I mentioned this blog entry that I’ve been formulating. She moved to Australia in January 2005. At that time I had:

- only attended one major concert (George Strait & Dierks Bentley)
- never attended an SS Retreat or Crop (including Washington)
- never met Deb or Darrcie (or a bunch of other people), IRL
- never been to Pennsylvania (now I’ve been twice)
- I had only just discovered card making (I attended my first card class with Mere just before she left)
- I was still a Creative Memories Consultant
- I had only house sat once, and only for about a week
- I lived in my old, old house. So, two address changes ago.
- I had just started working in Chilliwack
- I hadn’t started square dancing
- Since then there have been probably 20 babies born that I know IRL

In January 2005 I:
- didn’t blog
- wasn’t digital
- had never used sizzix
- had never flown in the US or gone through customs at the airport

and many, many other things I’m sure. It is amazing what two years can hold!



I just killed a fly with my water glass. I tried to shoo him away but when he wouldn't leave I squished him. Ewwww!!!

And sometimes procrastination works!

Yesterday I was directed to set up a conference call. I was waiting for date confirmation before I sent out the notification. I just got a call saying that the reason for the call is over and I don't need to bother! Sometimes procrastionation DOES work :D

Lists are good

Yesterday I had just under two hours between getting home from work and leaving for dance and a whole list of things to do. With the exception of two which require going to stores, I got them all done! Lists are good.

Speaking of dance, we have our Christmas banquet on Friday and then I am off until January 8th...except I won't be there on 8th because of the concert. So I'm off until January 11th. Basically a whole month! I love dance and I enjoy it but I'm looking forward to a break.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

But inside it's so...actually it's not really delightful inside but it's a heck of a lot better then outside. The wind is blowing like crazy which makes our power surge and the lights and computers flicker really bad. It is nasty out there!!!

SS Blog Challenge: Fill in the Blank

1. My current favorite song is: Long Trip Alone by Dierks Bentley

2. The last book I read was: I’m reading “Two From Galilee” on a recommendation from Jill in FL. I’m almost done it.

3. The last book I bought was: BOUGHT? Does the one that I lost and had to pay the library for count? LOL I guess it would be “Love Smart” by Dr. Phil. I *rarely* buy books though.

4. The last cd I bought was: This is more like it :) The last one was “Christmas” by Brad Paisley and the Garth Brooks boxed sets.

5. Another CD I wanted but didn't buy is: “She was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” a tribute to Barbara Mandrell

6. Right now, I'm wearing: My shortest black skirt and a teal dress shirt

7. The last gift I bought was: Something for my SS Secret Santa person

8. The last time I laughed heartily and loudly: last night at the potluck

9. My favorite holiday ornament is: I don’t know. My parents didn’t put up a tree last year and I’m not sure if they’re going to this year so I haven’t actually looked at the ornaments lately. I have a few of my own but none that I’d deem “favourite”

10. My house smells like: depends on if I have a candle lit or not. The candle is a nice holiday spice scent. Otherwise my house just smells like whatever I cooked last. (Yesterday it was ham).

11. The first thing on my to-do list tomorrow is: tomorrow? I need to focus on today! I need to bake sometime this week. I’m aiming to do that tomorrow…

12. If I could sit on Santa's lap and believe that he'd bring me whatever toy I wished for, I'd ask for: A DVD player. I really need one. The laptop just isn’t cutting it.

13. If I could holiday shop in ONE store, all expenses paid, I'd shop at: Wal-mart. They’ve got everything.

14. If an angel alighted on my doorstep today and said, "I'm here to grant a Christmas wish," I'd wish for: Tim’s family to come visit free of charge.

15. When I see a bell ringer while out shopping, I: try to avoid eye contact (isn’t that horrible of me?)

Weekend Update

I had a pretty laid back weekend. Friday I ran a few errands and then had an at home night. I did dishes, read and watched the hockey game before turning in.

Saturday I was up relatively early and spent a bit of time puttering around the house. Mom called around 11 needing a ride. Seth had just gotten up so we asked her to wait for about a half an hour. When I left the house I didn't return until 10 pm! (Minus about five minutes). It seems like this is my life. As soon as I leave the house in the morning, I am *GONE* for the day! First we picked Mom off and dropped her off at home (she had been at work). Then we went Christmas shopping. Actually Seth went and got a hair cut first and I went to the post office. Then we hit the mall and then Walmart. Our last stop was grocery shopping. It was a lot of fun to shop with him. He was pretty tired because he's been on day shift for the past week which has really messed up his internal clock. It made it lots of fun though :)

I am swearing off grocery shopping until the new year though. I have *so* much food! Mik and fruits and veggies are one thing but my freezer is full and my cupboards are stuffed. It's not a bad thing but I do need to focus on eating what I have on hand.

Sunday I got up and did a bunch of cleaning and tidying. It felt good. I would have done more but Seth convinced me to go to Mom and Dad's. There we played Scrabble and had lunch before heading to a late church service.

After church was a 25th wedding anniversary celebration for Bruce & Karen. I've known this couple and their six kids since we moved half a block away from them. When I was younger I'd spend just as much time at their house as at mine or Merediths. Their two boys were like extra brothers to me. It was great to see Tim and Grace and spend some time with friends.

Today I'm back at work and trying to get motivated. Exactly two weeks till Christmas and four until I see Dierks again. Amazing!


Friday, December 08, 2006

Looking forward to December 22nd

Why December 22nd? Because it's the winter solstice. From that day on the days start getting longer. One of the draw backs of living so far North is that it gets dark so early in the evening and takes so long to get light in the morning. I took these two pictures on the way to work yesterday morning.
By the time I was headed home it was much darker then this. And people wonder why I insist on leaving the office at lunch. If I didn't, I'd NEVER see the sun. (Not that I can see it now thanks to the cloud cover but at least I get some natural daylight).

The Heidi Show...kinda

Monday I called the radio station and talked to the DJ. I reported on the show in Everett and told him to tell listeners that if they don't have tickets, the NEED to get them. They can't miss this show. It was right before I went into work and since I don't listen to the radio there I didn't hear if he commented on our conversation. This morning he played a song by Doc Walker and mentioned me by name, saying that I had called and stressed that everyone needs to buy tickets :)

Yesterday he was talking about Rascal Flatts and saying that they had announced their 2007 tour. He said that if listeners wanted to see them, it would only be a short drive down to Seattle/Tacoma. I immediately called to inform him that the Flatts will be in Vancouver on March 3. He didn't know that. We chatted for a bit while he checked it out on their website. He was teasing me saying "you know, this is the only job where you say something and people call up and say. No. You're wrong. You don't know how to do your job." It was funny. Again, I wasn't live but later in the day the afternoon guy was talking about the Flatts and saying "we told you that they're coming to Vancouver" and I told Seth, "No, *I* told you they're coming to Vancover."

So there, I continue with my crusade of keeping the radio announcers informed :D


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

There's just something about that red cup that makes me smile :)

The fact that there's an egg nog latte inside doesn't hurt either.

Gotta love staff Starbucks runs.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

See the Concert

Hah, you thought I was done talking about the concert LOL I just found a link on YouTube for the opening number from Friday. Click to see "Every Mile A Memory"

Also, that song has been nomiated for two GRAMMY'S!!! Way to go Dierks! EMAM is up for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song. Wow!



We had two very exciting openings yesterday. One was the second lane of the highway that I take two and from work. This road has been under construction for almost three years. In March 2004 I crashed my car on it while they were doing pre-loading for the new lanes. Yesterday they finally opened said lanes. There is still other construction going around in the area but at least we won't back up as bad along there any more.

The second exciting opening is the new scrapbook store downtown. It is maybe three blcoks from my house. Definitely within walking distance :D I stopped by yesterday. They have a great selection of Basic Grey, Cosmic Cricket, SEI, and much, much, MUCH more. I'm really going to have to watch myself in there!


Open Letters

SS Blog Challenge

The challenge: Write 5 open letters. People, places, objects, animals. It doesn't matter. Write 5 succinct letters and express what you can't express in person. Strangers? People you'll never see again? People you're afraid to be completely honest with? Corporations? Celebrities? Your sister's cats? Write to 'em.Angry? Disgusted?Enthralled?Amused?In awe?Annoyed?Admiring?Write about it. 5 of 'em.

Chiquita Bananas
What’s with the advertising on my banana. I *know* Pirates of the Carribean is out on DVD on December 5. I do NOT need to be reminded when I peel my fruit!

Dierks Bentley
I am so excited I got to meet you on Friday. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a fantastic entertainer. I can’t wait to see you in Vancouver! (wait, I told him that last part. Oh well)

Your “remember me” function is broken. It doesn’t remember me. Also, puhleeeeze make up your mind as to whether you want me to sign in through blogger or through google. I switched the beta and know you’re being schizophrenic. It’s driving me nuts.

My Coworker
I'm sorry that the Canadian Immigration system is such a pain to navigate. I don't need or want a play-by-play of the process though. Maybe you should have thought about it before marrying an American.

People who keep calling and expecting me to have the answers
I DON'T KNOW! I'll find out, but you need to be patient with me. I don't cover the phones very much anymore so I'm not very quick. Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The rest of my weekend

So, contrary to what might be popular belief, the concert isn’t all I did last weekend. First I guess I should finish reporting on Friday night. We got out of Everett without a problem. It was really foggy but once we were on the Interstate is was basically clear sailing. It was nice to have a driving buddy too. I’ve driven that silly road all by myself so many times in the past two years but having someone to talk with was great.

The roads were fine until we exited at Bellingham. Apparently the stores up there don’t have a snow removal budget. Seth was hungry so we drove through at Wendy’s. The parking lot and drive-thru were unplowed! Then we stopped at Wal-Mart (did you know that the Bellingham Wal-Mart is open 24 hours?) The parking lot there was unplowed as well. I scored big time at Wally World. If you remember, last Christmas, I received cash so I could go buy the Garth Brooks Limited Edition Boxed Set but I chose to add to that money and buy the George Strait boxed set instead. Friday I got the GB Boxed Set for $19USD (regular $29 CDN) AND the new DVD set for $15USD (regular $29CDN) so even with the exchange I still saved a bundle. Very exciting.

Getting back across the border was painless. The guard didn’t even raise an eyebrow when I told him my purchase total. I was home, in bed by 2. I tried scrolling through the pictures on my camera but I fell asleep.

Saturday I slept till about 12:30. After making breakfast and doing a bit of cleaning I went down to Wal-mart and got the picture of Dierks and I printed then I met up with my parents and went to the neigbouring town to watch a Christmas parade. It was pretty low budget and the most interesting part of the night was near the beginning of the parade when a horse made a “deposit” right in the middle of the road. For the rest of the time everyone was watching to see if anyone would drive over it or step in it. Each time they did, everyone cheered. No wonder there is so much “poop” humour in kids movies these days! It is highly entertaining :rolleyes:

Sunday morning was church and then I went to Mom & Dad’s for lunch. At 3 we went and saw “The Nativity Story”. I thought it was very well done. I had a bit of trouble getting over the fact that Keisha Castle-Hughes (who plays Mary) is actually pregnant herself now (she's only 16) but it didn't affect the movie. Her character was good. A bit quiet and introspective but she did well. I feel like I learned a bit and got a new angle on the Nativity Story.

The Wise Men were hilarious. They really seemed to fit.

There were some rather intense scenes. The portrayal of King Herod and his son was fascinating. I can't imagine living a life, as a ruler, and being haunted by this prophecy. I felt the movie gave a bit of insight into his...paranoia. Can I use that word? It's probably too strong but it works.

Bottom line, I enjoyed the movie and I'd recommend it to people.

Afterwards Mom, Dad and Aaron came over and with Seth we played a few rounds of Scrabble. It was a nice end to the weekend.

This week, in anticipation of Christmas, has been nuts. Monday was my second last night of regular dance. After missing all last week due to the snow it was nice to be back.

Tuesday I met an ex-co-worker for dinner. That was wonderful. She is much older then I am but we’re both single and living on our own so we have a lot in common. It was great to catch up with her and get and update on her job search, traveling and life in general. Afterwards I went to a fiftieth birthday party for another friend of mine.

Tonight is church, tomorrow is my work Christmas party, Friday I (amazingly) don’t have anything planned. I’m not positive about the weekend yet but I know it will fill up fast.

Okay, I am *finally* caught up on my blogging! I hate it when I’m behind so this feels good :)


The Concert: Dierks Bentley

I could go on and on and on about Dierks' set. Since the night of the concert I've gone over it a million times, read about it on his fan club message board, read reviews and discussed it at length. I won't bore you with the details or review each individual song but I will post some pictures here since blogger seems to be cooperating (YEAH!) (These are the same ones I uploaded to SS. I think they're the best of the 239 that I took) .

One picture I *didn't* take was outside the meet & greet room. Hanging on the door handle for the next room was a black button down dress shirt. Seth and I both looked at it and said "think that's his shirt?" But since we weren't sure, and because it was our turn to go in, I didn't think about it any more. When Dierks came on stage it only took me a few seconds to realize it HAD been his shirt!!! He took it off after about three songs and did the rest of the concert in a t-shirt but it was still cool.
Have I mentioned here on the blog that Dierks is only the third country artist (after Tim McGraw and George Strait) to be sponsored by Bud Light? That's a huge deal. Dierks is big into "Domestic, Light and Cold" beer (that's also a track from his "Modern Day Drifter" cd). While he was on tour with Kenny he had a keg built into a road case and he would pour him self "a cold one" while on stage. Now that he's sponsored by Bud Light, he has a special fridge on stage from which he draws a "DL&C" when needed.

The picture on the right is a bit fuzzy but I love Dierks' facial expression :D

Look! It's me and Dierks again! LOL

These pictures are some of my favourites. He was singing "Long Trip Alone" (the title track from his new cd and the next single) as an encore. On the cd and radio version, there is a part of the song where he sings some "yeah's" the lyrics read that they are "hallelujah's" I never really got that until I heard him sing this song live. He dedicated it to the crowd but he sang it more like a hymn (hence the looking up). It gave me goosebumps and I can't *wait* to hear this song on the radio.
The last song of the night was Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" Miranda and Randy Rogers came out to sing it with Dierks. It was fun because he passed his guitar off to Miranda for a verse and then she passed it off to Randy. It reminded me of the end of the Kenny concert when Dierks and John Rich (of Big & Rich) came out to help Kenny sing "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". Just a bunch of friends having fun and trying to make the night last a bit longer.

Okay, I think I'm done talking about Dierks for a while. Hope I haven't bored you too much :D


The Concert: Miranda Lambert

Seth and I got back to the concert floor while Miranda was still onstage. In fact she had just launched into her current single "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" She debuted the song at the CMA's where she was a Horizon Award Nominee (it should be noted that Dierks won the Horizon Award in 2005 and now he's headlining his own show!)

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is a fun song live. It gave Miranda a chance to show off her "rock star" tendancies. She's very much into head banging and swinging her product laden long blonde hair all over. One of her band members has a five inch mohawk and somehow he fits right in even though it is a country band.

Note Miranda's belt buckle (right) it says "Blake Shelton" Blake is a fellow country singer and Miranda's boyfriend. I got a kick out of that.

I'm not sure which of Miranda's songs we missed because she sang all the ones I wanted to hear. "Kerosene", "New Strings", Bring Me Down" and a great cover of Steve Earle's "Hillbilly Highway".

You can tell she's a newer artist but with some solid touring under her belt, I think she's got great potential.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Meeting Dierks!

The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 with the Randy Rogers Band. All the KMPS on air-staff (Ichabod Caine, Randy Scott, Stephanie Rose, Stubbs and Tony Thomas) came out to introduce them. Right before they did they drew names for backstage passes to meet Dierks. They had this big tub full of names from everyone who had entered outside. The first name they drew was Seth!!! He and I both freaked out when his name was called. He was allowed to bring a guest so, shaking, we made our way up to the KMPS booth where we were directed to meet with KMPS staff at eight o’clock. We snuck into the stands to watch the first few songs by RRB while we waited.

The Randy Rogers Band is from Texas and they have done quite well down there. They have three cd’s out and, I think, their latest single “Kiss Me in the Dark” is receiving national airplay…although I haven’t heard it. In concert they are really fun. It was hard to concentrate on the music knowing we were about to meet Dierks. There were SO many people in line to meet him. Fan club members, Bud Light employees (his corporate sponsor) and other radio contestants.

Miranda Lambert came onstage at eight and just after that we were ushered behind a big black curtain, down a set of stairs, and down a hallway to “Conference Room 2” where Dierks was finishing up with the previous group. When it was our turn we went in separately. I handed my camera to the lady taking pictures and walked up and shook his hand and gave him a big hug. He said “Hi, I’m Dierks”. I gave him my name and said something about being excited to meet him. We posed for the picture and then he gave me his autograph. Then I told him “I’ll see you in Vancouver!” (on January 8th) and gave him another quick hug.

Seth went next, had his picture taken, and got Dierks’ signature on the note that the radio station gave us detailing how to get into the Meet & Greet.

I knew Seth wanted to get back to see Miranda but he hung around in the room with me for a few minutes until the security guard asked us to move on.

As of this concert I've seen Dierks stage perform four times. Twice I was really high up in the stands and he was just a small figure on the stage. Twice I was close enough to touch him (at times). Being the the same room when he wasn't performing was a whole different experience. He was quite laid back, probably because he's obviously done this (meet & greets) many, many times. He was very friendly, but reserved. On stage is when he really comes to life. When posing for pictures he is very good about not blinking but he also doesn't give a full fledged smile. I even looked at a few issues of Country Weekly when I got home and he looked the same there. On the red carpet etc. I guess the no smile thing is because it would get tiresome night after night. On stage though, he can't hold it back :)

Physically Dierks is an even six feet tall. Just a few inches taller then me but it seemed like quite a bit shorter then Seth (who is 6'4"). He's not a big guy either. When I had my arm around him for the picture I was struck by how thin he is. It's hard to explain but it was really interesting to me. His slight build combined with his curly hair and half smile makes for an endearing combination though. When I got back to the concert floor I told my new friends "He is so cute!" and he is. Cute and cuddly. Not "hot" like I had anticipated :D

I’ll type out my review of the actual concert tomorrow.


Before the show...

Okay, I don’t know how much of this you guys truly care about but I have it written out so I’ll share it.

This was all originally written by hand and I tiled it “A day of waiting and lots of driving”

As you know, Tonya and I had planned on attending the Dierks Bentley concert together in Everett, WA on December 1, 2006. The week of the concert the Pacific Northwest and Southwest BC got slammed with one of the worst storms in years. Record snowfall combined with freezing temperatures shut schools and places of business (I was essentially off work for the whole week) and cut off power in many areas. Tonya’s home was one of the places affected. She, her husband and son were without power in their home for ___ days. On Wednesday night she called me to say that they weren’t expecting to have their power restored until the following Tuesday. Because of this, she wasn’t comfortable leaving her family to attend the concert and asked if I’d be able to find someone else to go with.

I immediately called my brother Seth. He’s a country fan like me but he’s never been to a concert. I figured this one would be a good one to start with. Plus, because the weather was still questionable, it gave me a driving buddy just in case anything went wrong.

Friday, December 1st dawned cold and clear. It had warmed up enough overnight that the salt was able to do it’s job and melt the snow and ice on the road. I had a couple of stops to make on the way into Everett. At the bank, Tim Horton’s for coffee, at Mom & Dad’s to check my email, at Leanne’s to pick up a cd I had left on the island and then onto the Passport office in Surrey (something I’d been planning on doing since MARCH!)

The line at the passport was incredible. Out the door and down the hallway just to get a NUMBER! Once you got inside, the estimated wait time was another hour or so. Luckily I had filled out my application using the online system so once I got my number I only had to wait a few minutes.

From Surrey we headed South to the Peace Arch border crossing. The way wasn’t that long but it still was a wait. Of course by this time our coffee and water had processed so the first thing we looked for when we got across the border was somewhere to pee. I don’t like using the restrooms at gas stations, preferring instead to stop at fast food restaurants. I knew there was a Burger King in Blain but I wasn’t sure where. After driving around for a few minutes on rough, unplowed roads (which aggravated our bladders and sent us into a fit of giggles) we finally located BK. We did our thing, grabbed some Whopper Jr’s as a snack and hit the interstate.

In Bellingham I stopped at Stampadoodle and Paper Zone. Both are stores I have wanted to check out for a few years. They’ve always been closed when I went by though. Seth was a hilarious shopping buddy. He read all the word stickers aloud, commented on the embellishments and fingered some pretty glittery paper. (The glitter ended up ALL over his black jeans. He was NOT impressed but it sure was funny).

We arrived in Everett around 4p and located the Everett Events Center (EEC) before looking for somewhere to eat. We had a horrible time and after driving around aimlessly for too long, ended up parking right beside the EEC and hiking up the street a few blocks to “CafĂ© Vino”. The meet was good. Nothing too memorable but it filled us up.

We got back to the EEC around 5:30. KMPS (the radio station) was broadcasting live and there were staff in red shirts all over. We both signed cards for the US troops in Iraq and entered to wing back stage passes to meet either Miranda Lambert or Dierks. Then we lined up with the other “General Admission” ticket holders. It was cold out but we passed the time chatting with people in the line and I made a new friend, fellow fan club member, Janalyn. She was there with a friend of hers but I missed her friends name.

At 6:30 the doors opened. We hit the merchandise table first where I picked up a t-shirt that I have been eyeing for months. From there we headed down to the floor of the EEC. Our tickets were checked at least three times on the way down before we were finally given wrist bands showing that we were authorized to be there. We got in and secured excellent spots right by the stage. Janalyn and her friend were right there too.


Heidi & Dierks

You asked for pictures and I have pictures. I also have a hand written journal of most of the day. We'll see how much makes it onto here. It depends on how much time I have. Right now I'm swimming in paper work.
This is the treasured photo which I am currently carrying with me everywhere. I have a frame and it will permanantley be in my office here at work soon too.

And my second most treasured item...

For my CM friends you'll recognize the paper as the cards we got for NSD a few years ago. I have a bunch of them left over and they are the perfect size for autographs. I brought some along *just* in case :D

I'm uploading all my photos to a photo sharing site and I'll post the link when I'm done.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

I MET Dierks!!!

Seth won a meet & greet at the concert.

Stay tuned. Details and pictures to come!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Checking In

Hey there, I'm checking in from Mom and Dad's again. The office was closed again because we got another dump of snow yesterday. My boss just called to say that it would be open tomorrow. Ooops! I won't be there! I booked a day off to run errands (like I haven't had all week to do them) and to go to the Dierks Bentley concert in Everett. Last night I was seriously starting to doubt the sanity of my decision (due to the weather) but I am confident that I'll be fine. It's warming up and the roads are mostly clear here already. I was supposed to go with Tonya but she is without power right now and isn't comfortable leaving her husband and son. My brother Seth has agreed to come with me instead. That means that I won't be driving alone, which, in itself is safer.

Anyhow, I stopped off here to say "hi" and Mom and Aaron borrowed my car to go do papers. They are back now so I'd better sign off.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow Pictures

Pictures as promised. These were taken Sunday afternoon while the snow was still falling. Back when it was soft and beautiful. Now it's all iced over and because the wind has been blowing there's debris scattered everywhere. This is one of the trees in the courtyard behind my apartment.
And a not-so-flattering self portrait. Seth wouldn't come outside with me though so this is all you get.
<--Looking across the road.
And lastly, my sliding door...from the *inside*! This is yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The ice was probably an inch thick, on the INSIDE of the door!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been stuck at home without internet access. Work was closed yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday). I do have pictures but my USB cable is at work so you'll have to wait. I'm at my parents house right now. I can't imagine dealing with this much snow on a regular basis. I suppose you get used to it but it is just strange for us. It's *cold* right now too. Well, cold for us anyways. Up to -20o with the wind chill. I'm used to snow that comes and goes within a few days. This is sticking around. Hope y'all are warm and safe :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's snowing!!!

I came here to complain and ask "when does it EVER snow in November" but then I remembered that last year when Veronica was here, it was similar weather. Grey and foggy and it did actually snow. They are predicting 30 centemetres over the next 24 hours. It took awhile to convince my dad that 30 cm = 12 inches. I didn't want to believe it but our back deck is covered already. (I'm at my parents house right now. I told Mom I should have brought my pjs so I can stay the night!) If its still around tomorrow I'll try and remember to take pictures.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

As much as I want to say "Turkey is *so* last month" I still need to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. So, Happy Thanksgiving :)

It's a weird phenomenon for us here. Even though we aren't celebrating Thanksgiving, the phones are very quiet because all of our American customers are. Even my email and the boards are quiet. I'm getting a lot accomplished. It's odd though. I feel like I've had the anticipation for a holiday but I don't actually GET one. Oh well. It's only 32 days till Christmas :)


Aaaaaaand they're back.

Told you it wouldn't last long. My credenza is filled with magazines again. Not as many as I had yesterday but still, it's not clean like it was for a total of 18 hours (including night time). Now to tackle these ones!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

omnipresent magazines

There is an ominpresent stack of magazines on the credenza in my office. It's something that is always there nagging at me. I am proud to say that as of 2:28 today, it is cleared off. When I meet with my boss tomorrow for a filing day I am sure it will stack back up but as of right now, it is clear and it feels great!

Clearing Out Inventory

Did I mention that I found a scrapbook store in the town where I work? I was in a store in my home town and while the clerk was ringing up my purchase, the phone rang. It was a customer asking for hockey stickers. The clerk said that they didn't have any but she should try a few different stores and she named them. I was familiar with the first two but not the last one. I immediately went out to my car and wrote down the name. Last week at lunch I called information (because I didn't have enough brains to check online first) and got the address and headed over. The store is owned by a very nice woman who showed me around and engaged me in conversation without being annoying (a delicate balancing act ;))

The funny thing was there were layouts all around the store (typical decoration). At the back of the store I recognized one of my Directors as the focus of the layout!!! I laughed and told her "Hey, you've got XXX in here!" Apparently his wife is an avid scrapbooker.

During our chat I mentioned that I'm an ex-cmc. She laughed and pointed at a bunch of the layouts on the wall. "Any of the ones on CM pages are mine. Also, you'll notice that I don't have very many albums here. I like CM!" Somehow we started talking about my leftover inventory (which, thankfully, is dwindiling quite well) and I mentioned that I still have a case (3) of corner rounders. She offered to buy them off me! Said she wanted to give one to her grand-daughter for Christmas and she liked to have them on hand if anyone asked.

So, today I brought her my corner rounders. She gave me $30 for them! That's slightly higher then consultant price. Works for me!!! And it was $30 cash I might add. Of course I turned around and spent a bit of it but that's not the point :) I know I'll be frequenting her store again though.


Monday, November 20, 2006

A-Z of things I like

A is for Albums. I have more then fifteen completed. I’d better like them!!!
B is for Books. I love books.
C is for Country Music
D is for Digital. Managing it can be frustrating but I wouldn’t go back to film.
E is for Ellen, she makes me laugh
F is for Friends
G is for God
H is for Hotels. Especially good quality ones.
I is for Internet. My connection to the world.
J is for Jokes. Really good ones that make you laugh till you have to pee.
K is for Kenny. I love that man :)
L is for LaunchCast Radio. My savoiour during the day.
M is for Money. There’s just never enough.
N is for Nuts.
O is for Outdoors. My favourite place to be.
P is for Parades. Canada Day, Fourth of July, Santa Claus, you name it, I love them.
Q is for Quality time. I’m pretty sure that’s one of my love languages.
R is for Retreats
S is for Starbucks
T is for Travel. Something I’d love to do more of.
U is for “U”. That funky little letter that Canadians like adding into many words.
V is for Vacation. Even if I don’t go anywhere, time off is wonderful.
W is for Water. My liquid of choice.
X is for Xyron.
Y is for Yellow. It’s a happy colour. Unless it’s at Superstore. Then it’s just freaky.
Z is for Zoo’s. I just wish we had a quality one around here.

Weekend Update

It seems like I had a *really* long weekend but it was just normal.

Friday I went out to Terri’s to do scrapbooking. It was just her and I which was really nice. Of course she has me coveting the new cart now but that’s okay. I got home around midnight and went directly to bed. I woke up Saturday morning around 11!!! That is a LONG sleep for me. It felt good though. I puttered around for a bit reading and cleaning. I did pull out my Christmas box but so far I've only taken out the cd's. I'm not sure what level of decorating I want to go to.

At three mom and I went to Costco. I've been trying to get down there for a few weeks and I finally did it. I wanted to buy a big box of chicken breast. It is cheaper when you buy them in bulk like that...of course my freezer is not too full to get into but I have chicken to last for awhile :)

I ended up having dinner at Mom and Dad's and then going to bible study with them. Sunday morning was church and afterwards I probably could have gone out for lunch wiht someone but I chose to just go home instead. I made a big plate of nachos and then watched the Grey Cup game while writing Christmas cards.

The game was pretty slow. It was very "Canadian" in that all the announcements were made in half English, half French and everyone (including the cheerleaders) was running around in parkas. Most of the points were scored by kicker Paul McCallum. It was kind of neat for me because "McCallum’s efforts earned him the title of Most Valuable Canadian, and tied Don Sweet, Paul Osbaldiston and Sean Fleming for most field goals in a Grey Cup game." Don Sweet was my Math 8 and Student Leadership teacher in highschool! Hands down my favourite teacher of all. The fifth or sixth guy on that record list is Mike Vanderjagt, one of my fantasy football team members.

Seeing BC and Montreal at the Grey Cup was pretty neat in itself. If you remember, they are the teams we saw for Seth's birthday in September. It was nice to see BC win the cup though.

I got a bunch of Christmas cards written to. As I was using largely handmade cards I set them up on the table and then went down my list and matched cards to people, as you can see on the right. Note my egg nog in the glass. I still have *a LOT* more cards to write but at least I have a grasp on what it will take.

Sunday evening after the game I went back over to Mom & Dad's. Dad was out watching the new 007 movie so Mom, Aaron and I played a few rounds of Scrabble. At one point Aaron, in frustration exclaimed "I can't spell jack!" Mom replied "No you can't, I have the 'J'." Aaron said "I don't have the "A-C-K" either". Mom was confused as to why Aaron would be trying to spell a word he didn't have ANY letters for. Aaron had to explain that "jack" is a slang term. It was really funny.

I got home around ten and red for a bit before trying to fall asleep. I was having a hard time and when I finally did, my phone rang. Seth lost his key fob so he couldn't get into the apartment. I had to buzz him in. Not good. I didn't sleep great for the rest of the night so I'm kind of tired today. My boss is back so it's business as usual.

Have a great week everyone!


Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm ready

I think I’m ready to acknowledge Christmas now. I’m still not comfortable with it because I don’t know exactly what’s expected of me but I’m willing to embrace the season. The weather is supposed to continue to be cr@ppy this weekend so I’m hoping to drag out my Christmas box. I’m sure Seth won’t be impressed but it will make me happy :) Maybe I’ll even get some of those cards written.

Only 39 days left after all :)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Friends are Treasures

Part of that blog post that I lost this weekend was sharing a very wonderful special layout done by my friend Veronica. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past year, Veronica lives in Australia. She and I met online and when she made plans to come to the US last year to visit friends I convinced her to come up and visit me. But, I'll let her tell the story.

To read the journalling, click here
When I saw this layout and read the journalling I started crying. I don't know if I've ever cried because of a layout before. This one was just so special. I think I scared Janis and the other girls at the retreat though.

Veronica, thank you for this. It's hard to find words to adequately capture our friendship but you have done it beautifully here. I can't wait to see the rest of the layouts from our trip.


PS I showed it to my mom and she said you had nothing to worry about, they enjoyed having you. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

This post was from Tuesday but I forgot to post it.

My phone rang this morning at 8:27. I was still in bed. It was my co-worker "Uh, hi, we were just wondering if you were planning on coming in today"

"<< insert bad word >>"

See, I had set my alarm for 8:30 on Friday so I could sleep in. I turned it on last night but I didn't think to check the time. Oops! So yeah, I got to work about 9:15. Good thing my boss is away this week!!!

I did blog over the weekend but blogger ate my post so I'll have to re-cap it here. As previously posted, I went to the island to visit Janis this weekend. I picked up her friend Leanne on Friday and we caught the 3pm ferry. Thank goodness for reservations. We definitely needed it that day. The crossing was a bit rough, but not too bad. We made it to Janis' around 5 and got a tour of her new house. Very nice Janis! I really like the kitchen :) After that we went out for dinner at Romano's and then while Janis went to pick her sister-in-law up from the ferry, Leanne and I went shopping. We got groceries and then discovered that the *only* place open after 9pm in Nanaimo is Walmart!!!

Anyways, we did make it to the condo but by the time we unloaded everything and had some hot chocolate and dessert, it was bed time. Saturday the weather was kind of yucky. Perfect for scrapbooking. I finished a few calendar pages and then launched into card making. Over the course of the weekend I completed over two dozen Christmas cards. They all used the KI paper that I picked up during the Mount Baker retreat. On the way to pick up Leanne I stopped at an LSS and got some silver sparkly rub-ons which I used as well. Now I need to sit down and actually write and address those cards!

Janis and Martha did have their laptops with them so I was able get online a bit. I used them to look at my pictures as well and I ordered a few that I want to complete my PA 2005 layouts. This is the only picture we took all weekend. Me working on two laptops at once.

Dinner Saturday night was at A&W. It worked really well because nobody had to cook or clean up. Therefore a lot less thought was required and we ended up with very few leftovers.

Sunday I wanted to be back for an evening church service and Martha wanted to get home to her family. That didn’t leave us a lot of time. Basically we just cleaned up and headed out. It turned out to be great timing. Because it was still the middle of the long weekend we got to the ferry terminal and only had to wait for about five minutes between paying and boarding! It was great :) The crossing was pretty rough but it just added to the adventure.

Monday, on my “forced vacation day” I just basically stayed home. I did get up in the morning and tried to make breakfast but discovered that both Seth and I were out of milk, eggs and bread so I went shopping. Other then that I rented a movie, unpacked and hung out. That evening I went to dance and well, that puts us back where I started this blog entry. With me sleeping in Tuesday morning LOL


Nasty Weather!

Cut and paste from my posts on SS

The wind is blowing like crazy and it is pouring right now. Apparently they closed the highway to Whistler because so many trees are down. The power keeps flickering too. It went out yesterday...I'd be okay if it went out today

Winter weather in SW BC. It makes me wish for hot chocolate and a nice warm fire.

And, there goes the power. Oh, it's back. Uggh! Note to self, save frequently!

Know what's weird though? Yesterday the lights went out but my computer stayed on. Today my computer turned off but all the lights stayed on. Freaky!

I just got a call from my mom, church was cancelled for this evening. Probably a good thing too. Once I get home I don't want to go out again.

My dad just called. Apparently this weather is a mix of a tropical wind from the South East and an Alaskan cold front. They have collided and provided us with this show. Winds in my area are at about 70miles (105kms) per hour. On the West side of Vancouver Island they are experiencing level one hurricane force winds. About 120 miles per hour. Yikes!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Need a Vacation

I am ready for a break. I'm sitting her this afternoon trying to do minutes but my mind keeps wandering because I'm TIRED! I got home on Tuesday and after I made dinner, I ended up taking a nap. Of course that meant by the time that bed time actually rolled around I wasn't all that tired any more but I did still sleep. This evening I'm heading out to dance but I'm coming home to sleep!

Tomorrow is a day off because Remembrance Day is on Saturday. I'm heading over to the island to visit Janis. I'm going over with another friend of hers and her sister in-law. We're booked on the 3pm ferry which means I get to sleep in for a bit before leaving to pick them up.

The weekend itself should be quite relaxing.

I'm taking Monday off too. Half the office staff is taking Monday as the stat and the other half is away on another trip (my boss included). That means that I would be the only one in the office and we need a minimum of two people here at all times for security reasons. That means that I have to take the day off. Life is so tough ;)

It also means that I may not have internet access to blog. Don't miss me too much!


Happy News Time

Leah had a baby boy on November 6th. Kingston Alexander weighs 9 lbs and 5 oz and is 21 inches long. He is also one of the most beautiful newborns I have seen in a very long time.

Congratulations Leah, Chris and big sister Sydney.

In other news, my friend Melissa is engaged! Her boyfriend Jevon proposed in Queen Elizabeth Park after a picnic lunch. They've been going out for over three years and we are all very happy for them. The wedding is planned for sometime in 2008.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CMA Outcomes

So, how close was I?

Entertainer of the Year
Kenny Chesney
Correct. I thought he’d win and I wanted him to win. Note that he is now both the current reigning Entertainer of the Year according to both the CMA and the ACM!

Male Vocalist of the Year
Keith Urban
Correct. While the letter he had Ronnie Dunn read was touching, I still think any of the other nominees would have been just as good choices for this category.

Female Vocalist of the Year
Carrie Underwood
Wrong. It’s hard to say who was more surprised. Carrie or Faith Hill. I thought Faith deserved it and apparently she did too. Unfortunately she was on camera when Carrie’s name was announced and her “WHAT?” comment is the topic of much speculation this morning.

Horizon Award
Carrie Underwood
Correct. Although it’s weird that she won this and Female Vocalist.

Single of the Year
Wrong. I thought Carrie would get this one. B&D cleaned up on the music side.
Song of the Year
Correct, in that I thought they would win. I still think Brad should have gotten this award.

Music Video of the Year
Correct, unfortunately. Again, I liked Brad’s video better.

Vocal Group of the Year
Rascal Flatts
Correct again. Whether I like them or not, the Flatts are putting up amazing numbers and the CMA recognized this.

Vocal Duo of the Year
Brooks & Dunn
Correct. As I said, it was a B&D night.

Musical Event of the Year
Brad Paisley (Featuring Dolly Parton)
“When I Get Where I’m Going”

In my opinion, this was the hardest category to award. I thought for sure that B&D had it. Luckily I was wrong. Brad and Dolly definitely deserved it.

Album of the Year
Time Well Wasted
Correct in that I wanted it to win. Can I just say how happy I am? I truly think Brad deserves this award over anyone else.

So, eight out of eleven that I thought would win. Pretty good! Four that I wanted to win too, including a few nice surprises.

Monday, November 06, 2006

CMA Predictions

The CMA Awards are tonight. This is my predition for winners. Let's see how close I am :)

Entertainer of the Year
Brooks & Dunn
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Rascal Flatts
Keith Urban
Who I Think Will Win: Kenny Chesney
Who I Want to Win: Kenny Chesney
Comments: Keith has won this for the past two years but he wasn't on a major tour like Kenny so his chances aren't as strong

Female Vocalist of the Year
Sara Evans
Faith Hill
Martina McBride
Carrie Underwood
Gretchen Wilson
Who I Think Will Win: Faith Hill
Who I Want to Win: Faith Hill
Comments: This one is really hard to say. Any of these women could take it. I don't think Carrie's been around long enough though and Faith is the only one who released an album and went on a major tour this year.

Male Vocalist of the Year
Dierks Bentley
Kenny Chesney
Alan Jackson
Brad Paisley
Keith Urban
Who I Think Will Win: Ketih Urban
Who I Want to Win: Anybody but Keith Urban :D
Comments: I would be happy for any of them.

Horizon Award
Miranda Lambert
Little Big Town
Josh Turner
Carrie Underwood
Who I Think Will Win: Carrie Underwood
Who I Want to Win: Carrie Underwood
Comments: I have a problem with "Horizon Awards" being given to people that have already released two albums. I think it should be for newbies (and yes I know that Dierks won last year after the release of MDD. I still stand by my statement though. As for who I want to win, I vote for Carrie, Miranda or Josh.

Vocal Group of the Year
Alison Krauss + Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
Who I Think Will Win: Rascal Flatts
Who I Want to Win: Lonestar
Comment: Alison et al have won the Grammy in this category many times. It's hard to say if the CMA will vote for them. Point of interest, Sugarland is technically a duo but they are listed under Group!

Vocal Duo of the Year
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Montgomery Gentry
Van Zant
The Wreckers
Who I Think Will Win: Brooks & Dunn
Who I Want to Win: The Wreckers
Comment: I would love to see a female duo take this category. As much as I like B&D I think it's time for someone else to win. It just gets embarrasing after awhile.

Single of the Year
(Award goes to artist and producer)
Brooks & Dunn
Produced by Tony Brown/Kix Brooks/ Ronnie Dunn
Arista Nashville

“Better Life”
Keith Urban
Produced by Dann Huff/Keith Urban
Capitol Records Nashville

"Jesus Take The Wheel”
Carrie Underwood
Produced by Mark Bright
Arista Nashville

Kenny Chesney
Produced by Buddy Cannon/Kenny Chesney
BNA Records

“When I Get Where I’m Going”
Brad Paisley (Featuring Dolly Parton)
Produced by Frank Rogers/Chris DuBois
Arista Nashville

Who I Think Will Win: Jesus Take the Wheel
Who I Want to Win: Jesus Take the Wheel
Comments: Note there is a difference between "Single of the Year" and "Song of the Year" There is strong competition but I think Carrie's a sho-in for this category. "Jesus" stayed at number one for 5 or 6 weeks.

Musician of the Year
Eddie Bayers – Drums
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dann Huff – Guitar
Brent Mason – Guitar/Electric Guitar
Randy Scruggs – Guitar
Who I Think Will Win: Jerry Douglas
Who I Want to Win: I don't really care. I don't have any afinity to any of these people. I'd like to know why there are six nominees in this category and only five in the others though.

Album of the Year
(Award goes to artist and producer)

Hillbilly Deluxe
Brooks & Dunn
Produced by Ronnie Dunn/Kix Brooks/Mark Wright/Tom Shapiro/Tony Brown/Bob DiPiero
Arista Nashville

Me And My Gang
Rascal Flatts
Produced by Dann Huff/Rascal Flatts
Lyric Street Records

Precious Memories
Alan Jackson
Produced by Keith Stegall Arista

The Road And The Radio
Kenny Chesney
Produced by Buddy Cannon/Kenny Chesney
BNA Records

Time Well Wasted
Brad Paisley
Produced by Chris DuBois/Frank Rogers
Arista Nashville
Who I Think Will Win: Me and My Gang
Who I Want to Win: Time Well Wasted
Comments: Brad was essentially shut out of the ACM's and I think he deserves this

Music Video of the Year

“8th of November”
Big & Rich
Directed by Robert Deaton/George J. Flanigen IV/Marc Oswald

Brooks & Dunn
Directed by Robert Deaton/George J. Flanigen IV

“Jesus Take The Wheel”
Carrie Underwood
Directed by Roman White

Miranda Lambert
Directed by Trey Fanjoy

“When I Get Where I’m Going”
Brad Paisley (Featuring Dolly Parton)
Directed by Jim Shea

Who I Think Will Win: Believe
Who I Want to Win: When I Get Where I'm Going

Musical Event of the Year

Brooks & Dunn
(Guest vocals by Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill)
“Building Bridges”
Arista Nashville

Faith Hill Featuring Tim McGraw
“Like We Never Loved At All”
Warner Bros. Records

Gretchen Wilson
(Featuring Merle Haggard)
“Politically Uncorrect”
Epic Records

Brad Paisley
(Featuring Dolly Parton)
“When I Get Where I’m Going”
Arista Nashville

Bon Jovi
(Duet with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland)
“Who Says You Can’t Go Home”
Island Records

Who I Think Will Win: Building Bridges
Who I Think Want to Win: When I Get Where I'm Going
Comments: This is a tough category. I'm voting for Brad because he's my favourite but it could go to anyone

Song of the Year
(Award goes to songwriter and primary publisher)

“8th of November”
Big Kenny/John Rich
Big Love Music/WB Music/Rich Texas Music

Craig Wiseman/Ronnie Dunn
Sony/ATV Tree/Showbilly Music/Big Loud Shirt

“Jesus Take The Wheel”
Hillary Lindsey/Brett James/Gordie Sampson
Dimensional Music of 1091/Raylene Music/Songs of Combustion Music

“Tonight I Wanna Cry”
Keith Urban/Monty Powell
Universal Music/Lanark Village Tunes/Guitar Monkey Music/Coburn Music

“When I Get Where I’m Going”
Rivers Rutherford/George Teren
Universal Music/Memphersfield Music/House of Full Circle Music

Who I Think Will Win: Believe
Who I Think Want to Win: When I Get Where I'm Going

Not Ready for Christmas

Apparently November 1st is the magic date for when Christmas music can begin being broadcast on my online radio. I’m. not. ready. for. it! I have skipped at least five songs today because they were Christmassy. Not. Good.
PS Make that seven. I think I’m fighting a loosing battle!

Weekend Wrap-up

Part of me feels like it's been a long time since I last blogged but I haven't had access to a computer and it's really only been three days so it's not too bad.

The board meeting went well. Thursday was very much "played by ear". There were so many variables. I was on stand by for the evening meeting but I ended up not getting called down. I just enjoyed a quiet evening in the hotel room.

Friday I was home by 3pm! It was great. I went to my parents for dinner and then ran a few errands before turning in early.

Saturday I finished up some odds and ends on layouts and such. I ran a few more errands and went to bible study in the evening.

Sunday I woke up early and then fell back asleep and was almost late to church. Ooops! Afterwards I cleaned the apartment before my friends came over for an official house warming/games night. We had a really nice time. One of the reasons I moved out was so that I COULD do more entertaining. This was a start. I hope to do more.

In general, it's been raining like crazy all weekend. It's good because we need it but it's almost too much. The ground can't absorb it so there is flooding. Not so good.

This is a short week for me because we are taking the Stat day for Remembrance Day on Friday. I've got another retreat lined up this weekend :)

Gotta get to work though. Lots to do post-board meeting.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gone again

Hey y'all,
I'm gone to a board meeting again. Don't have too much fun without me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Autumn Glory

I don't *like* the time change but one benefit is that I get to see beautiful sunsets on the way home from work. The first two pictures were taken on Monday. The last three on Tuesday. I plan on using the trees one for a layout about fall.
BTW Veronica, everytime there is fresh snow on the mountains I think of you. Last year at this time I was watching and waiting for it because you had "ordered" snowy mountains for your trip :)


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

The best thing about having a female boss is that she is totally in to minor holidays. For Easter and St. Patricks day we got candy. Today we have the mother lode! A Halloween themed paper plate, napkin and cup, two "eyeball" erasers and two bags FULL of Halloween candy in plastic Halloween bags. Very cool.

It certainly made coming to work on a day when the temperature is -3o, a lot easier!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Ice Skating & Sushi

After I got home from the retreat and unloaded my stuff Seth and I met Mom and Aaron at the ice rink for our first ice skating session of the season. When I was a kid I took a week of lessons so I can at least move myself around the rink. I don't go incredibly fast and I can't stop abruptly or skate backwards but I haven't fallen in a long time (knock on wood). It was really fun. My legs and ankles were sore during but afterwards and today, they are fine. I'm hoping to get many sessions of ice-skating in this year. It's great excercise!

Afterwards we stopped at the little cafe and Aaron and I each picked up an order of California Rolls since I hadn't had dinner. Seth got Burger King on the way home. Mom and Aaron came over and we played cards for a couple of hours before calling it a night. It was a lot of fun.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 when my alarm went off. Luckily I realized that I had forgotten to re-set it the night before so I got to sleep for another 45 minutes or so. The time change is weird though. It's nice to not have to turn the lights on in the morning while I'm getting ready but I know that in a month or so we will be back where we were last week and it will feel like it's dark all day. I vote for just leaving it ahead.


Mount Baker Retreat

As previously reported, this weekend I went to a scrapbooking retreat on Mount Baker. From my house it was less then an hour drive. We did stop at Bromley's for our contribution to the meals (lunch on Saturday) and we got to the cabin around eight...I think. From the time I left the house on Friday to when I arrived home on Sunday I never really paid attention to my watch. Yes I looked at it and I changed it when we "fell back" but I wasn't bound by it. When I was hungry I ate, when I was tired I went to bed, when I woke up, I got up. It was wonderful.

Last weekend at Darrcie's Croptoberfest I started working on my pictures from my 2005 Pennsylvania trip. I had printed them many months ago, did power layouts in July and finally started scrapping last weekend. Between that and this weekend I have completed 23 pages. Some of them need finishing touches, or journalling. I have a few more that are started but far from being done. It feels good to make this progress though.

The biggest news about them, is I have finally, officially, branched out past CM in my albums. I used Basic Grey for the first time this weekend. I didn't use it for all of the pages but a few, and I *really* like them.

Saturday afternoon we left the cabin and drove into Bellingham to do some shopping. My favourite stop was at Treasury of Memories where I picked up papers from the new KI Collection I've already started using them for cards and I'm loving it.

"I'm Loving It". That's the McDonald's tag line right now and between that and "______ is working for me" those were our motto's for the weekend :)

Big thanks to Deb for pulling this weekend together. I'm loving scrapbook retreats because they are working for me :D