Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two years

I was talking to Meredith last night and I mentioned this blog entry that I’ve been formulating. She moved to Australia in January 2005. At that time I had:

- only attended one major concert (George Strait & Dierks Bentley)
- never attended an SS Retreat or Crop (including Washington)
- never met Deb or Darrcie (or a bunch of other people), IRL
- never been to Pennsylvania (now I’ve been twice)
- I had only just discovered card making (I attended my first card class with Mere just before she left)
- I was still a Creative Memories Consultant
- I had only house sat once, and only for about a week
- I lived in my old, old house. So, two address changes ago.
- I had just started working in Chilliwack
- I hadn’t started square dancing
- Since then there have been probably 20 babies born that I know IRL

In January 2005 I:
- didn’t blog
- wasn’t digital
- had never used sizzix
- had never flown in the US or gone through customs at the airport

and many, many other things I’m sure. It is amazing what two years can hold!


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Veronica in Aus said...

It's certainly been a busy two years - bet you wouldn't change a thing ;)