Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty good.

Friday, as previously posted, was our annual Christmas Dance. This marks two years since I started square dancing. I really noticed how much I've improved over the last year. In 2005, at the Christmas dance, I sat out for about half of them tips because I wasn't comfortable dancing at the level they required. This time I only sat out on a few round dances (round dances and square dancing are two related but different styles of dance. The biggest difference is that squares require eight people. Rounds are just one couple moving around the room in a big circle. I can do two-step rounds but not waltzes.) Anyways, I was quite proud of myself. Yes we messed up a few times but over all I had a great time. Dinner was yummy too :)

Saturday I thought I was doing well, I got up at a decent hour and had breakfast but my mom called WAY before I was ready to go. The plan was to go shopping in Bellingham (since that's the closest Target to me). Once I got over my shock of not having as much time to get ready as I had anticipated, the day got rolling and it was good. Mom, Seth and I went to Target. I ended up being the only one who actually bought anything though. That means I have exactly 29% of my christmas shopping done. (For my immediate family. The only gifts I feel I HAVE to buy. The rest are all optional)

Sunday after church I went to Mom & Dad's for lunch...again. Hey, they invited me! I ended up leaving really soon after eating though. My house was a mess and I *had* to get home to clean it. Luckily while I did dishes Seth tied up and took out the garbage and stuff. That helped a lot. It was stressing me out to live in such an untidy home.

After finishing the dishes I ran to the grocery store for a few essentials like yogurt for breakfast, mandrin oranges and brown sugar. I'm still on my grocery ban and I'm doing pretty well with it :) The funny thing is this morning I got to work and on my desk was a bunch of chocolate and a gift card for the grocery store! I promise I won't use it till the new year though :)

Yesterday evening after cleaning up, Seth and I went over to Mom and Dads. We went under the pretense of decorating their tree but we ended up having a scrabble marathon instead. I was royally trounced on the first two rounds and on the third one I was winning until mom spelled "KO" with her last letters. Is KO an acceptable scrabble word? That's under debate right now :P

So yes, it was a good weekend. I have a list a mile long to deal with this evening. I shouldn't have any problems tackling it though.



Sherilyn said...

This should settle the debate: Hope that whole thing copies. It's the link to the word checker at


Have you ever read the book "Word Freak"? Good book, especially for Scrabble fans....

Emmy said...

Glad you had a good weekend, sounds fun! When I lived closer to home I'd stop by for free food often too :)

Veronica in Aus said...

Ahhh! A good old Scrabble-fest...sounds like fun :)

Diana Sioux said...

Hey, I didn't know you square danced! I remember doing a section of that in PE in grade school. Everyone moaned and groaned because it was so "uncool", but I secretly enjoyed it.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure KO is not allowed!

agent713 said...

Sherilyn, you're right. KO isn't a word. HAH! I told them so :D

I haven't heard of "Word Freak" but I've requested it from the library. Sounds good!!!