Thursday, December 21, 2006

So. Many. Things. To. Post!!!

This is what happens when you don't blog for a few days. A bunch of things happen and then you don't know where to start!!! I'm going to have to go with a brain dump style entry and see if I can capture it all.

The Heidi Show Part III aka the sad chapter
I was on the radio again on Monday. Doug, the morning show host, announced on Friday that he was leaving the radio station. I didn't actually hear the announcement on Friday but I heard a re-cap on the weekend so Monday morning I called to confirm it. It's sad because, as you all know, I really enjoy waking up to him every morning and calling him periodically. But, he had a great opportunity open up in Calgary so I'm trying to be happy for him.

The interesting part about this edition of the Heidi Show was that my mom actually heard it being broadcast! That was kind of cool.

Dierks is Coming
My boss doesn't quite get my love of country music but she tries. She knows all about the concerts and the fact that I got to meet Dierks in Everett (I've framed the picture of the two of us and it sits on my desk :D) Yesterday, in passing, she mentioned "By the way, your guy Dierks is coming to Vancouver in January" I laughed and said "Yes, I know, I have tickets already!"

Insider Info
Yesterday afternoon I made a mad dash to an LSS for some supplies I needed for a gift I'm making. On the way back I called the DJ who does the afternoon drive show. His name is Steve. At 5 pm they do the "Top Five at Five". Basically, each day, listeners vote for their favourite songs and at five o'clock the ones with the most votes are played. I wanted to suggest that they create a write in box so we can vote for songs that may not be listed. I ended up talking off air with Steve for at least ten minutes. He gave me a bunch of information on how the radio process actually works, what they can and can't do and why I can or can't request certain songs. It was f.a.s.c.i.n.a.t.i.n.g!!!

Remember back in October when I found out that Dierks was coming to Vancouver? And how I found out? By checking the Doc Walker website for tour dates and seeing that they are opening for Dierks? If you don't, here's the link: Dierks Day As I mentioned in that post, Doc Walker was my first "concert" and the first artists that I met after the show. My first "real" concert was George Strait & Dierks at the Pacific Coliseum (where he'll be headlining in January, about two and a half year after opening for George!)

The radio station (the same one I mentioned twice earlier in this post) is giving away tickets to the show and everyone who wins tickets is entered to win meet and greet passes with the Doc Walker boys.

Guess who won tickets this morning?

Isn't that insane??? I mean I already HAVE tickets. General Admission ones at that but I'd really like to talk to the Doc Walker boys again and I knew the answer oh so difficult trivia question that Doug put out this morning. "What is Dierks middle name". Answer? "He doesn't HAVE one." Anyways, I tried calling and lo-and-behold, I got through. I haven't won anything since this summer when I got Leann Rimes tickets from the same station. Keep in mind that this is the same station that gave me the Dierks tickets in the first place.

Crasy isn't it? Oh and get this, I'm picking the tickets up this afternoon. Guess who I claim them from? Steve! The afternoon drive guy. I was going to email him this morning to say "thanks for talking to me yesterday" but I figure I'll tell him in person instead.

BTW my co-workers have decided that I don't just have lucky horseshoes up my butt but the whole stinkin' horse!!! (s'cuse the crude illustration :P)

~Heidi...aka Miss Lucky :D


Veronica in Aus said...

Lucky girl! Sounds does that mean you're starting to feel the Christmas spirit? ;)

Janis said...

So what are you doing with the extra tickets?