Friday, December 22, 2006

Picking up the tickets

I raced over to the radio station yesterday after work. I had to be there before five and I got there by 4:50 something. They're doing renovations so I had to ring a doorbell and wait while someone came to open the door. There were two women there one named Tracy and another one who left shortly after I arrived. While Tracy got the tickets I admired all the signed photos of artists who had been in the studio (many of which I have as well but that's another topic). I commented on them to Tracy and we ended up talking about meeting artists, winning tickets, how the radio business works and a whole bunch of things. I was there for probably a half an hour! I mentioned that I had talked to Steve the day before and she was like "do you want to meet him?" Of course I said yes. She took me in and showed me the news room and then when Steve was off air (during a song) she took me INTO the studio, introduced me and I got to see the control panel and computer equipment that they use. It was AWESOME! I felt like a little kid :D

I've decided that I definitely don't want to be IN radio, but it was fascinating to learn about it.

As for the tickets, I'm not totally sure what I'll do with them. The ones I already have are much better seats. Well, they're not even seats. I have general admission tickets for the reserved section up front. The tickets I won are row 14, section Z, the corner section of the concert bowl. I'm debating whether I should give them away or try and sell them to re-coup some of my costs for the tickets I *did* buy.

Anyone wanna buy some tickets? I'll give you a good deal! :D


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