Friday, December 22, 2006

The Heidi Show...the one where Heidi says "Merry Christmas"

So this morning Doug was encouraging callers to phone in and send out Christmas wishes. I waited until I was on the road and called him and sent out a "Merry Christmas to my mom Lorry and my littlest brother Aaron, who should be on his way to school right now providing Mom didn't let him sleep in". Doug and I chatted on air briefly about how old Aaron is, what my plans were for the day (two consecutive Christmas parties starting at 4pm) and how nice it will be to be off for a few days.

A couple of minutes after we said good bye, my cell phone rang. It was Aaron, he and Mom had just gotten in the van to take him to school and they heard Doug say "Heidi!" so they turned up the radio and heard the whole thing!!! It was awesome :D

Aaron's going through a bit of "teenager attitude" right now but I could hear the excitement in his voice about having his name mentioned on the radio. I emailed Doug when I got to work and told him that he made our day and he wrote back to say it was "his pleasure". Have I mentioned how much I'm going to miss him?

BTW I do have two Christmas parties today. I'm making an appearance at the party for my old job. As a director it's only right. From there I'm heading down to Bellingham for dinner with my SS friends.

After I leave work today my internet access will be sporadic until I get back next Wednesday. I'll try and post from Mom and Dad's though.


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