Thursday, December 07, 2006

Open Letters

SS Blog Challenge

The challenge: Write 5 open letters. People, places, objects, animals. It doesn't matter. Write 5 succinct letters and express what you can't express in person. Strangers? People you'll never see again? People you're afraid to be completely honest with? Corporations? Celebrities? Your sister's cats? Write to 'em.Angry? Disgusted?Enthralled?Amused?In awe?Annoyed?Admiring?Write about it. 5 of 'em.

Chiquita Bananas
What’s with the advertising on my banana. I *know* Pirates of the Carribean is out on DVD on December 5. I do NOT need to be reminded when I peel my fruit!

Dierks Bentley
I am so excited I got to meet you on Friday. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a fantastic entertainer. I can’t wait to see you in Vancouver! (wait, I told him that last part. Oh well)

Your “remember me” function is broken. It doesn’t remember me. Also, puhleeeeze make up your mind as to whether you want me to sign in through blogger or through google. I switched the beta and know you’re being schizophrenic. It’s driving me nuts.

My Coworker
I'm sorry that the Canadian Immigration system is such a pain to navigate. I don't need or want a play-by-play of the process though. Maybe you should have thought about it before marrying an American.

People who keep calling and expecting me to have the answers
I DON'T KNOW! I'll find out, but you need to be patient with me. I don't cover the phones very much anymore so I'm not very quick. Thank you for understanding.

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