Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Update

I had a pretty laid back weekend. Friday I ran a few errands and then had an at home night. I did dishes, read and watched the hockey game before turning in.

Saturday I was up relatively early and spent a bit of time puttering around the house. Mom called around 11 needing a ride. Seth had just gotten up so we asked her to wait for about a half an hour. When I left the house I didn't return until 10 pm! (Minus about five minutes). It seems like this is my life. As soon as I leave the house in the morning, I am *GONE* for the day! First we picked Mom off and dropped her off at home (she had been at work). Then we went Christmas shopping. Actually Seth went and got a hair cut first and I went to the post office. Then we hit the mall and then Walmart. Our last stop was grocery shopping. It was a lot of fun to shop with him. He was pretty tired because he's been on day shift for the past week which has really messed up his internal clock. It made it lots of fun though :)

I am swearing off grocery shopping until the new year though. I have *so* much food! Mik and fruits and veggies are one thing but my freezer is full and my cupboards are stuffed. It's not a bad thing but I do need to focus on eating what I have on hand.

Sunday I got up and did a bunch of cleaning and tidying. It felt good. I would have done more but Seth convinced me to go to Mom and Dad's. There we played Scrabble and had lunch before heading to a late church service.

After church was a 25th wedding anniversary celebration for Bruce & Karen. I've known this couple and their six kids since we moved half a block away from them. When I was younger I'd spend just as much time at their house as at mine or Merediths. Their two boys were like extra brothers to me. It was great to see Tim and Grace and spend some time with friends.

Today I'm back at work and trying to get motivated. Exactly two weeks till Christmas and four until I see Dierks again. Amazing!


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