Monday, December 04, 2006

Meeting Dierks!

The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 with the Randy Rogers Band. All the KMPS on air-staff (Ichabod Caine, Randy Scott, Stephanie Rose, Stubbs and Tony Thomas) came out to introduce them. Right before they did they drew names for backstage passes to meet Dierks. They had this big tub full of names from everyone who had entered outside. The first name they drew was Seth!!! He and I both freaked out when his name was called. He was allowed to bring a guest so, shaking, we made our way up to the KMPS booth where we were directed to meet with KMPS staff at eight o’clock. We snuck into the stands to watch the first few songs by RRB while we waited.

The Randy Rogers Band is from Texas and they have done quite well down there. They have three cd’s out and, I think, their latest single “Kiss Me in the Dark” is receiving national airplay…although I haven’t heard it. In concert they are really fun. It was hard to concentrate on the music knowing we were about to meet Dierks. There were SO many people in line to meet him. Fan club members, Bud Light employees (his corporate sponsor) and other radio contestants.

Miranda Lambert came onstage at eight and just after that we were ushered behind a big black curtain, down a set of stairs, and down a hallway to “Conference Room 2” where Dierks was finishing up with the previous group. When it was our turn we went in separately. I handed my camera to the lady taking pictures and walked up and shook his hand and gave him a big hug. He said “Hi, I’m Dierks”. I gave him my name and said something about being excited to meet him. We posed for the picture and then he gave me his autograph. Then I told him “I’ll see you in Vancouver!” (on January 8th) and gave him another quick hug.

Seth went next, had his picture taken, and got Dierks’ signature on the note that the radio station gave us detailing how to get into the Meet & Greet.

I knew Seth wanted to get back to see Miranda but he hung around in the room with me for a few minutes until the security guard asked us to move on.

As of this concert I've seen Dierks stage perform four times. Twice I was really high up in the stands and he was just a small figure on the stage. Twice I was close enough to touch him (at times). Being the the same room when he wasn't performing was a whole different experience. He was quite laid back, probably because he's obviously done this (meet & greets) many, many times. He was very friendly, but reserved. On stage is when he really comes to life. When posing for pictures he is very good about not blinking but he also doesn't give a full fledged smile. I even looked at a few issues of Country Weekly when I got home and he looked the same there. On the red carpet etc. I guess the no smile thing is because it would get tiresome night after night. On stage though, he can't hold it back :)

Physically Dierks is an even six feet tall. Just a few inches taller then me but it seemed like quite a bit shorter then Seth (who is 6'4"). He's not a big guy either. When I had my arm around him for the picture I was struck by how thin he is. It's hard to explain but it was really interesting to me. His slight build combined with his curly hair and half smile makes for an endearing combination though. When I got back to the concert floor I told my new friends "He is so cute!" and he is. Cute and cuddly. Not "hot" like I had anticipated :D

I’ll type out my review of the actual concert tomorrow.


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TheFunkyCowboy said...

Some people have alll the luck with meeting the big names in the business ! Glad you had a great time with Dierks !