Friday, December 08, 2006

The Heidi Show...kinda

Monday I called the radio station and talked to the DJ. I reported on the show in Everett and told him to tell listeners that if they don't have tickets, the NEED to get them. They can't miss this show. It was right before I went into work and since I don't listen to the radio there I didn't hear if he commented on our conversation. This morning he played a song by Doc Walker and mentioned me by name, saying that I had called and stressed that everyone needs to buy tickets :)

Yesterday he was talking about Rascal Flatts and saying that they had announced their 2007 tour. He said that if listeners wanted to see them, it would only be a short drive down to Seattle/Tacoma. I immediately called to inform him that the Flatts will be in Vancouver on March 3. He didn't know that. We chatted for a bit while he checked it out on their website. He was teasing me saying "you know, this is the only job where you say something and people call up and say. No. You're wrong. You don't know how to do your job." It was funny. Again, I wasn't live but later in the day the afternoon guy was talking about the Flatts and saying "we told you that they're coming to Vancouver" and I told Seth, "No, *I* told you they're coming to Vancover."

So there, I continue with my crusade of keeping the radio announcers informed :D


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