Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mere's Home!!!

Seven hundred and seven days. That's approximately how long Meredith was in Australia. Just under two years. Yes she visited for eighteen days in the middle of that last year. Yes we talked infrequently on the phone and by email/blogs/myspace but there is something wonderful about having your best friend in the same time zone as you.

She arrived in Vancouver on Christmas morning. We both had family commitments for Christmas day so we did took care of those. Boxing Day (Tuesday, December 26th) was just for us though. I picked her up around 11 and we headed into Vancouver.

We had lunch at Steamworks Brewery down by water front station. I took this picture just after lunch. Then we wandered around downtown. We went through Pacific Centre where she bought me a awesome purse that I needed very badly. We went to Starbucks where she spilt her Pumpkin Spice Latte :( but got a new one from the nice SB people :) We went and saw "The Holiday" which we both thoroughly enjoyed. And then we went home. Mostly, we just enjoyed being together. Knowing that, for the future anyways, we're just a short drive away.

It's good to have you back Best Friend!!!



Veronica in Aus said...

Awww! It's nice to see you two back together. And it sounds like you had a great day together - reuniting :)

Murray and Tracy said...

I am thrilled for you to have your best friend back. There is nothing like a best friend. I look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures together.

tosin said...

I am so happy for you! Hope you two had plenty of girl talk on your day out together!