Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Update

It seems like I had a *really* long weekend but it was just normal.

Friday I went out to Terri’s to do scrapbooking. It was just her and I which was really nice. Of course she has me coveting the new cart now but that’s okay. I got home around midnight and went directly to bed. I woke up Saturday morning around 11!!! That is a LONG sleep for me. It felt good though. I puttered around for a bit reading and cleaning. I did pull out my Christmas box but so far I've only taken out the cd's. I'm not sure what level of decorating I want to go to.

At three mom and I went to Costco. I've been trying to get down there for a few weeks and I finally did it. I wanted to buy a big box of chicken breast. It is cheaper when you buy them in bulk like that...of course my freezer is not too full to get into but I have chicken to last for awhile :)

I ended up having dinner at Mom and Dad's and then going to bible study with them. Sunday morning was church and afterwards I probably could have gone out for lunch wiht someone but I chose to just go home instead. I made a big plate of nachos and then watched the Grey Cup game while writing Christmas cards.

The game was pretty slow. It was very "Canadian" in that all the announcements were made in half English, half French and everyone (including the cheerleaders) was running around in parkas. Most of the points were scored by kicker Paul McCallum. It was kind of neat for me because "McCallum’s efforts earned him the title of Most Valuable Canadian, and tied Don Sweet, Paul Osbaldiston and Sean Fleming for most field goals in a Grey Cup game." Don Sweet was my Math 8 and Student Leadership teacher in highschool! Hands down my favourite teacher of all. The fifth or sixth guy on that record list is Mike Vanderjagt, one of my fantasy football team members.

Seeing BC and Montreal at the Grey Cup was pretty neat in itself. If you remember, they are the teams we saw for Seth's birthday in September. It was nice to see BC win the cup though.

I got a bunch of Christmas cards written to. As I was using largely handmade cards I set them up on the table and then went down my list and matched cards to people, as you can see on the right. Note my egg nog in the glass. I still have *a LOT* more cards to write but at least I have a grasp on what it will take.

Sunday evening after the game I went back over to Mom & Dad's. Dad was out watching the new 007 movie so Mom, Aaron and I played a few rounds of Scrabble. At one point Aaron, in frustration exclaimed "I can't spell jack!" Mom replied "No you can't, I have the 'J'." Aaron said "I don't have the "A-C-K" either". Mom was confused as to why Aaron would be trying to spell a word he didn't have ANY letters for. Aaron had to explain that "jack" is a slang term. It was really funny.

I got home around ten and red for a bit before trying to fall asleep. I was having a hard time and when I finally did, my phone rang. Seth lost his key fob so he couldn't get into the apartment. I had to buzz him in. Not good. I didn't sleep great for the rest of the night so I'm kind of tired today. My boss is back so it's business as usual.

Have a great week everyone!


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Veronica in Aus said...

l those pretty cards!! I have made a start on mine - making them at least ;) Guess I better hop to it!!