Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Clearing Out Inventory

Did I mention that I found a scrapbook store in the town where I work? I was in a store in my home town and while the clerk was ringing up my purchase, the phone rang. It was a customer asking for hockey stickers. The clerk said that they didn't have any but she should try a few different stores and she named them. I was familiar with the first two but not the last one. I immediately went out to my car and wrote down the name. Last week at lunch I called information (because I didn't have enough brains to check online first) and got the address and headed over. The store is owned by a very nice woman who showed me around and engaged me in conversation without being annoying (a delicate balancing act ;))

The funny thing was there were layouts all around the store (typical decoration). At the back of the store I recognized one of my Directors as the focus of the layout!!! I laughed and told her "Hey, you've got XXX in here!" Apparently his wife is an avid scrapbooker.

During our chat I mentioned that I'm an ex-cmc. She laughed and pointed at a bunch of the layouts on the wall. "Any of the ones on CM pages are mine. Also, you'll notice that I don't have very many albums here. I like CM!" Somehow we started talking about my leftover inventory (which, thankfully, is dwindiling quite well) and I mentioned that I still have a case (3) of corner rounders. She offered to buy them off me! Said she wanted to give one to her grand-daughter for Christmas and she liked to have them on hand if anyone asked.

So, today I brought her my corner rounders. She gave me $30 for them! That's slightly higher then consultant price. Works for me!!! And it was $30 cash I might add. Of course I turned around and spent a bit of it but that's not the point :) I know I'll be frequenting her store again though.



Janis said...

Hey, does she want a classic corner cutter?

Veronica in Aus said...

Uh oh. This could be dangerous ;)

Souns great some ways, I wish I had a great LSS near where I work, but in other ways I am glad I don't ;)

Congrats on selling some corner rounders though.

agent713 said...

LOL Janis, I'll keep it in mind.

V, its nice but yeah, it's dangerous. The LSS's seem to be getting more prevalent around here. There are *lots* and they all have different inventory.