Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

Part of me feels like it's been a long time since I last blogged but I haven't had access to a computer and it's really only been three days so it's not too bad.

The board meeting went well. Thursday was very much "played by ear". There were so many variables. I was on stand by for the evening meeting but I ended up not getting called down. I just enjoyed a quiet evening in the hotel room.

Friday I was home by 3pm! It was great. I went to my parents for dinner and then ran a few errands before turning in early.

Saturday I finished up some odds and ends on layouts and such. I ran a few more errands and went to bible study in the evening.

Sunday I woke up early and then fell back asleep and was almost late to church. Ooops! Afterwards I cleaned the apartment before my friends came over for an official house warming/games night. We had a really nice time. One of the reasons I moved out was so that I COULD do more entertaining. This was a start. I hope to do more.

In general, it's been raining like crazy all weekend. It's good because we need it but it's almost too much. The ground can't absorb it so there is flooding. Not so good.

This is a short week for me because we are taking the Stat day for Remembrance Day on Friday. I've got another retreat lined up this weekend :)

Gotta get to work though. Lots to do post-board meeting.


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