Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow Pictures

Pictures as promised. These were taken Sunday afternoon while the snow was still falling. Back when it was soft and beautiful. Now it's all iced over and because the wind has been blowing there's debris scattered everywhere. This is one of the trees in the courtyard behind my apartment.
And a not-so-flattering self portrait. Seth wouldn't come outside with me though so this is all you get.
<--Looking across the road.
And lastly, my sliding door...from the *inside*! This is yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The ice was probably an inch thick, on the INSIDE of the door!!!


Martha said...

Hey, looks just like down here. WEll, except for the frozen door (I think, I better go check).
Now, go fix yourself some hot cocoa and enjoy Mother Nature's Show!

Veronica in Aus said...

Such pretty photos - love the trees covered in snow :)