Monday, November 20, 2006

A-Z of things I like

A is for Albums. I have more then fifteen completed. I’d better like them!!!
B is for Books. I love books.
C is for Country Music
D is for Digital. Managing it can be frustrating but I wouldn’t go back to film.
E is for Ellen, she makes me laugh
F is for Friends
G is for God
H is for Hotels. Especially good quality ones.
I is for Internet. My connection to the world.
J is for Jokes. Really good ones that make you laugh till you have to pee.
K is for Kenny. I love that man :)
L is for LaunchCast Radio. My savoiour during the day.
M is for Money. There’s just never enough.
N is for Nuts.
O is for Outdoors. My favourite place to be.
P is for Parades. Canada Day, Fourth of July, Santa Claus, you name it, I love them.
Q is for Quality time. I’m pretty sure that’s one of my love languages.
R is for Retreats
S is for Starbucks
T is for Travel. Something I’d love to do more of.
U is for “U”. That funky little letter that Canadians like adding into many words.
V is for Vacation. Even if I don’t go anywhere, time off is wonderful.
W is for Water. My liquid of choice.
X is for Xyron.
Y is for Yellow. It’s a happy colour. Unless it’s at Superstore. Then it’s just freaky.
Z is for Zoo’s. I just wish we had a quality one around here.

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