Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Need a Vacation

I am ready for a break. I'm sitting her this afternoon trying to do minutes but my mind keeps wandering because I'm TIRED! I got home on Tuesday and after I made dinner, I ended up taking a nap. Of course that meant by the time that bed time actually rolled around I wasn't all that tired any more but I did still sleep. This evening I'm heading out to dance but I'm coming home to sleep!

Tomorrow is a day off because Remembrance Day is on Saturday. I'm heading over to the island to visit Janis. I'm going over with another friend of hers and her sister in-law. We're booked on the 3pm ferry which means I get to sleep in for a bit before leaving to pick them up.

The weekend itself should be quite relaxing.

I'm taking Monday off too. Half the office staff is taking Monday as the stat and the other half is away on another trip (my boss included). That means that I would be the only one in the office and we need a minimum of two people here at all times for security reasons. That means that I have to take the day off. Life is so tough ;)

It also means that I may not have internet access to blog. Don't miss me too much!


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Veronica in Aus said...

I hope this weekend gives you the rest you need. I just had my 4 day weekend last weekend and it was truly bliss!