Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Autumn Glory

I don't *like* the time change but one benefit is that I get to see beautiful sunsets on the way home from work. The first two pictures were taken on Monday. The last three on Tuesday. I plan on using the trees one for a layout about fall.
BTW Veronica, everytime there is fresh snow on the mountains I think of you. Last year at this time I was watching and waiting for it because you had "ordered" snowy mountains for your trip :)



Veronica in Aus said...

Ooooooh! Aaaaaah! Beautiful shots! Love them all.

And you did come through with the snow-topped mountains....and even more...some snow all around on the day that I left!

Martha said...

Awwwww indeed. That's the view on your commute every day? You are incredibly lucky! Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing (and refresh my poor geography, what mountain range are we enjoying?)

agent713 said...

V-you know, until I read your calendar page the other day, I had forgotten about the snow!

M-Yes, I drive over the river every day. On my previous commute I could see the mountains in the other two pictures better. It doesn't take much to get them in view now though.

These are the Coastal Mountains...I think...they may be the Cascades. There are three mountain ranges in BC. Coastal which run on the coast (duh) and really don't go into Washington State, Cascade which DO run into Washington State and then the Rockies, which you are familiar with :)


Veronica in Aus said...

You were able to read my calendar page? Did you get a magnifying glass out??

-and I will email you that file BTW. Just keep forgetting when I am at home.

Diana Sioux said...

Gorgeous photos, Heidi! Makes this flat-lander jealous, too.

Christina said...

Your pics make me want to visit B.C. Great. Just one more place I need to add to my list.