Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Building an Altar to the Garbage Gods

One of the side tasks I was assigned when I started this job has become some what of a pet project for me. We have a shiny new office (they just moved in, in October) but there is very, very little storage here. There is one room that doubles as the server room and the landlord is allowing us to use some unsecured common space for storage. My goal is to clear out the common space. (also known as the “cold room” because it isn’t insulated at all) I’ve spent countless hours on this project and while the server room is looking spiffy, there’s still lots to clean out in the cold room.

I worked with our computer tech yesterday to determine what boxes and equipment could be ditched. Anyone need the software for Windows ’98? LOL We culled about half of what is stored and I just kept adding it to a pile in the corner of the cold room that is destined for recycling or the dump. I’m calling that space my “Altar to the Garbage Gods”. That stuff doesn’t need to be kept in our tight-for-storage-space-office so I’m offering it up! It feels wonderful :)

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