Saturday, September 11, 2010

Explorer Quotient

While I was in Sault Ste. Marie at the Canal I was talking to the staff and they invited me to take a quiz compiled by the Canadian Tourism Commission called the “Explorer Quotient “. My results came out as “Authentic Experiencer”
“In the world of explorers, you are an Authentic Experiencer. With a foot in both worlds, you appreciate the understated beauty of natural and cultural environments. You enjoy using all of your senses when you explore your chosen destination and really get to know the places you visit. You quickly adapt to personal challenges and risks, easily figuring out how to make the most of every situation. You want to be fully immersed in your travel experiences and tend to stay away from group tours and rigid plans.”
For the most part I’d say that’s accurate. I recognize the benefit of being part of group tours but I don’t HAVE to have them telling me what to do. Take the quiz and let me know where you end up:

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