Friday, June 01, 2012

The Art of Asking Questions

There is a challenge that floats around that invites you to create a tag line for your life. One quick phrase that summarizes what you are all about. In the past I've considered "A Life with Three Brothers" because being the only girl really does shape your view of the world. Another option is "The Art of Asking Questions". Being able to ask interesting engaging questions is a skill I have honed very specifically and use frequently. Sometimes it's harder than others but usually I can people to open up and share all sorts of information about themselves. I believe it is this skill (and my wonderful personality ;)) that has helped me establish some wonderful friendships. I met up with my friend Laura earlier this week to "plan our summer". She and I have similar interests when it comes to exploring historic sites and we got together to discuss which ones we wanted to visit this summer. You may remember the one adventure we managed to have last summer. I called my parents afterwards because I was so excited and my dad asked "how do you find so many people that you get along with so well?" And so many people that want to do what you want to do. So I told him my secret. I just like to GO. Get out and do as much as possible as often as possible. As you get to know people, and ask questions, you find out what they like to do, and then when you want to do that thing, you call them. I have different friends that I do different things with. If I want to go for a hike our be outside, I call Jess. If I want to go shopping, I call Grace. If it's something to do with food or cooking, Heather and Kinsey are at the top of the list. If I need someone to hang out with or go for coffee or ice cream on the spur of the moment, I can be assured that Steph or Lindsay will be game. And that's just a few people. Yes I make friends easily but I know how to BE with them and to do things that they enjoy. I think that's the key. Get to know them and then meet them on their level. It works great and I'm super excited for what Laura and I have in store!

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