Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12 of 12 May

First of all I have to make an appology. April's 12 of 12 landed on Easter Sunday. I took lots of pictures that day (probably more than 12) but they were all of people and I didn' feel comfortable posting them. I should have at least made an entry but time got away on me. So, here it is May already and I'm getting back on track.

May 12th was a busy day. It was election day in BC and, much to some people's chagrin, I exercise my right to NOT vote. As I posted on Facebook after I got balled out "The issue is I'm in a Liberal stronghold and I'm fine with that (provincally...ditto for Conservatives Federally). I'm not saying you SHOULDN'T vote. This is the first time I haven't since turning 18 (19?) but this time around (fourth election in 8 months, I'm burnt out and not bothering. I realize voter apathy is a huge issue in this country but until I hear something that makes me want to have my say, I'm content to let the current tide sweep through." So there.

I *could* have made it to the polls but I was in this lovely little building all day and I afterwards I just didn't feel like it. Yes, I could have done advanced voting but I didn't. So deal with it.
Aren't the flowers pretty? They are in bloom all over the city right now. I love them!

I was at Clayburn School for a workshop on "Resilient Communities". Most of it went over my head but I did learn some. I was there as support and to keep the coffee hot. That's the presenter.

After the workshop there was a book launch and the author gave me the leftover wine as a thank you.

Here's my self portrait for the day. I was ready for bed and trying to sew a snap onto my skirt since the hook got messed up.

My weakness isn't wine or chocolate. It's chips. Mmmmm.

And ridiculous romances...that mostly just end up depressing me. They're totally formulamatic and simple but I love reading them.

Seth bought me a Scrabble calendar so I keep it in the bathroom and try and work out the puzzles while brushing my teeth. I leave my watch in the bathroom at night and taking it off reminds me to...

take my cholestrol medication. 20mgs of Crestor every day. Yes I realize that if I cut out the wine and chips I could impact the amount of Crestor I need. So far I haven't developed the proper will power yet.

So there you go. A slice of my life. My new GM starts tomorrow so life will continue to be as busy as it has been for the past four months. Wish me luck!


merideth said...

voting sometimes gets me down, too. :) the flowers *are* beautiful - i love spring! your day looked to be a busy one - i look forward to seeing your june 12-of-12!

Karin said...

Aahhh! There you are! Was beginning to wonder whether I had to send the blogging mounties out in search of you!