Friday, March 27, 2009

12 of 12 March

Posting this month's twelve of twelve is two weeks over due but I promise the pictures were all taken on March 12th. So let's see, what happened that day? To start with I actually ate breakfast! I go through spurts of eating at home, eating at work, not eating at all. This week I was on a "eat at home" spurt.
The sun was shining and the view of Mount Baker from the end of my street was gorgeous. The picture is a bit washed out but you can still see my favourite mountain :)
Thursday again means the Country Club Newsletter and one of Steve's wonderful "words of the day". No one knows what it means but it's worth 200 bonus points!
Mere met me at Mill Lake at lunch and we went for a walk...and yes I took pictures of the ducks and the water instead of us. Sorry LOL

This bush just outside my sliding door doesn't look like much now but wait for a month or two when it explodes with blossoms. Lovely!
Mail! Belated Christmas card exchange along with Dierks bracelets!

I was packing for a retreat (I forgot to take a picture of the bags!) and Mere came over to keep me company. She brought leftover margarita mix from her birthday and some crackers and cheese. Yummy!

I made a mad dash to the dollar store after she left for goodie bag items. Of course they didn't have want I wanted so I improvised with chocolate from Save-on Foods.

In Save-on I also found a new cook book. I started going through it when I got home and I was flagging the recipes I want to try but I gave up because they all look good! I've used one of the salad ones already.

And, the self portrait. Me, after I took a shower and washed my hair :)

Now, who's counting and realizes that there are only 11 pictures? In my multiple edits I accidently deleted one. I don't remember what it was and I'm not going to try and find it. You'll have to just make do with 11 pictures on the 27th but hey, it's done!!! See you next month :)

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merideth said...

wow! it is gorgeous where you live! have you done april's 12-of-12 yet? (i'm going through susan's january list, checking their new 12-of-12s, :D)