Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Costco Story

I get my prescriptions filled at Costco (it’s pretty much the only thing I buy there and it’s under my mom’s membership to boot). They have a system where you can call in to an auto answering service, enter your RX number and request a refill. They then contact the doctor and, as long as it’s approved, you can pick your prescription up in a few days.

My dear mother picked up my last prescription (a three month supply) before Christmas and with the travelling I’ve been doing I got off track so I didn’t start actually taking the new pills until about a week ago. It took me a few days but I finally clued in that the pills are smaller than they used to be. I usually take 20 mg and these were only 10.

I called the doctor to ask if I he had changed my dosage, or if it was wrong. I got a call from Costco an hour or so later confirming that the prescription had been for 20 mg and if I had the 10’s, that was wrong. They offered, since it’s their mistake, to drive over to my work (which is CLEAR across town), pick up the old prescription (which I’ve started taking already) and drop off the new one.

They called before they came to confirm my location and the Costco lady just left. She showed me her ID to confirm that she wasn’t someone off the street, she gave me the new prescription (a full three month supply), and took my old one back. Now that’s service!!!

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