Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday to me

So now I am officially the age that everyone seems to want to "hold" at. I'm interested to see if it's an age I'll pine for. On some level I suspect it will be. It's shaping up to be an interesting year. Full of lots of new starts and adventures. I've had a few people ask "what are you doing to celebrate turning 29?" and my response is "leaving the province!!!"

For my actual birthday-day, it was really low key. A quiet Saturday at home just like I wanted. My last in fact. I only have two more Saturday's in BC and they are both chock full of plans.

I did go out for dinner last night with Deb, Sue and Shannon which was wonderful and tomorrow after church a potluck is planned. Monday is shaping up to be a "family day" with my parents, Robert and Aaron.

So that's it. My deep thoughts on turning 29 :P I doesn't really bother me but I'm pretty sure it's because I have so much going on. If I was just slogging on at work with no end in sight, I'd be going crazy. As it is, I'm ready to embrace my new age and the adventures it brings. I'm ready :)


Martha said...

29 was a great age for me and it sounds like you are off to a great start...with many new adventures waiting for you!

Karin said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday! You and my daughter have the same birthday. And as for 29 being the year to hold on 29 was good, but it gets better! Each and every year should be a celebration! Of course this is a big one since you are about to head out on a big adventure! I'm super excited for you!