Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After my French exam I was craving Greek so we went for Egyptian. That makes sense right? No? Okay, let me explain. I've been nursing a craving for tzatziki for a few weeks now. My friend Heather and I were discussing it after a recent trip to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market and she mentioned that there is an excellent Egyptian restaurant in town that serves amazing lamb, tzatziki and the tabouli that I sampled at the market for the first time and fell in love with. In celebration of completing my French exam yesterday, we went for an early dinner. I followed her lead and ordered her usual: lamb kofta served over Egyptian rice mixed with vermicelli noodles, tabouli, some sort of spicy bean mixture that I forget the name of, and of course the tzatziki. I also had some pickled (in beet juice?) turnips. It was delicious. Different from anything I've ever really eaten but I loved it. It's also a HUGE portion so I have at least half of it still waiting for me in the fridge.

So what's the Greek tie in? Just the tzatziki. When I say I'm "craving Greek" I really mostly mean the tzatziki. This stuff was different from what I am used to in that it had chunks of cucumber rather than the shredded version I have had in the past but it was still good. It inspired me to try and make my own as well. I bought "Balkan style" yogurt last time I was at the store (instead of the regular pre-sweetened stuff I usually buy) but I used it all in my morning smoothies. I need to go shopping again and I'm going to get either Balkan or Greek style yogurt and see if I can make my own tzatziki. I'll let you know how it goes!

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