Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Five Friends and yummy bread

I thought I blogged about the last time these lovely ladies and I got together but I can't seem to find the entry. Because of that, I'll give a bit of background. We met on the History Students Association trip to Quebec City in January 2011. While everyone else was out drinking we bonded. We see each other around campus but don't really hang out a lot. We met up in April 2011 for an outing to a bakery in Guelph and again in August or September for coffee at Williams here in Waterloo. Getting five people with crazy schedules together every few months is a bit tricky but we love catching up so I think we'll make a point of doing it for a few more years. L-R is myself, Megan (back), Laura, Louise and Adrienne. I actually have history classes with Megan and Laura this semester so I talk to them a bit more but I rarely see Louise, who is an English major or Adrienne who is an Archaeology major. 

Since I was the one who contacted everyone to organize the get together, I got to chose where we went. We decided to stay in town again and this time we checked out a new German Bakery in town (Mere, this is the one I was telling you about) Adrienne had a year end brunch banquet that day so we just met up for mid-afternoon coffee. I had one of the donuts and bought a big bag of day old buns for $5. 

The bakery actually makes it's bread IN Germany and then has it shipped over about 60% baked. They finish the baking here and serve it. The result is fresh, authentic German bread that throws everyone who supports buying local into a fit of confusion. The bread itself is obviously not local and the carbon footprint is huge but it IS a local business and it's just so good! Plus the shop itself is adorable. I'll definitely be back (this is already my second visit) they have my support for sure.

As for my lovely friends, we're all spreading out over the summer but I'm sure we'll meet up again in September, if not before.

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