Monday, February 04, 2013

Exploring Savannah

On Friday John asked me “so what do you do on weekends in Statesboro?” I laughed an replied “um…get out of Statesboro?” Now that isn’t always true…actually…it is. LOL This is my fourth weekend here. On the first weekend I went into Savannah with Kayla, Ben and Max. On the second weekend Kayla and I went to Florida. Last weekend I stayed in Statesboro which was fine but I have to admit, I went a bit crazy. So yesterday I headed into Savannah again. Kayla was doing part of her volunteer placement and I didn’t really talk to anyone so I just went on my own which was good. It was funny, as I was leaving I thought to myself, “I should take the route I took the first time” (sort of a secondary road rather than the main interstate that I take to Wormsloe when I just want to get there) but then I decided against it. Except as I was debating with myself I somehow took the wrong road and ended up on that other route anyway!
Anyway, once I got to Savannah, I stopped in at the visitors centre (something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks) and then actually drove right through Savannah to Tybee Island. My goal for the day was mostly just to explore. To get a better feeling for this city that everyone speaks so highly of and to see what I could find. I had some school work with me so my ultimate goal was basically just to find a place to study. The first place I pulled out my books was on the beach at Tybee. It wasn’t particularly warm but I was dressed for the weather and the sun had some heat so it was okay. I think it if it was much windier I wouldn’t have been able to handle it but as it was, it was almost perfect. The beach has these swings along the dunes and I claimed one and set up camp. It was lovely to sit and enjoy the sound of the waves while reading. I was there for two hours (which is how long my parking spot was good for) and then I headed back into Savannah.

I parked up near Forsyth Park and explored down from there (down means towards the river which is actually North but it’s how the city works). I wandered through the park for a while, watched some firemen playing Frisbee for a bit and made my way towards the main fountain. There I noticed that a wedding was just about to start so, along with a bunch of other strangers, I took a seat and watched. I had my book out and I was reading but I ended up chatting with the lady beside me (not during the ceremony of course ;)) and got some tips on places to see and to go eat in Savannah and the area. Once the ceremony was over and I had read a good bit of my book, I continued on my wandering and explored the four most northern “Squares” that Savannah is so famous for. I eventually want to see them all but not all on the same day. Breaking it up is good.

I had packed snacks and food so I had been eating all day but by that time I was a bit chilled from being outside so I decided to find something more substantial than the salad I had left. I ended up finding an “Atlanta Bread Company” which is very similar to Panera and I had some delicious butternut squash soup and half a Panini sandwich there. The best part was it was really quiet so I could spread out and get even more studying done. I have my first midterm on Wednesday so I need to spend as much time as I can going over things. Going to Savannah didn’t give me a huge amount of study time but I sure was able to enjoy what I did have. And I am sticking to the pledge that I made even before I left Ontario - that I wanted to make a point of getting out of Statesboro and getting to know Savannah. So far so good. 

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