Friday, February 08, 2013

The Joy of Saying YES

This is fun. I already do this somewhat at Starbucks and other places but I'm really being stretched at Wormsloe. Today I arrived and John suggested I help Chris at the Cricket pitch. Me? Cricket? SPORTS? Sure! Why not? LOL It was actually a lot of fun. I have the basics of the game figured out and I managed to hit the ball a few times too. I'm not a horrible "bowler" either (bowling is what they call pitching). Tomorrow I'll be helping there for the better part of the afternoon. Okie-dokey!

Then I donned some colonial clothing and basically just shadowed John for the day. We went and picked up some barrels and hay from the maintenance area and dropped them off around the park. (Throw around 20 pound bales of hay? Got it.) And I raked some and swept the stage and then went with John to buy a 40 pound bag of oysters. I let him carry them but I carried the empty coolers and we got ice from the big house and then I stood and sprayed them all clean. By the time I left at six I was soaked but it was so much fun it was okay. I'm usually only there till five. Around 5:30 John mentioned the time and said I could leave any time. I just shrugged and said "Meh, all my friends are gone this weekend so I'm just going home to do homework. I'll stay and help finish with these. Besides, it's kind of fun." He laughed and said "And the best part is, you're not getting paid!"

Maybe that's the key. There's something fun about doing volunteer work but I think that if I can be paid to do random tasks like this, I'd like it just as much. And I'd be just as willing to help out with whatever it is that they need me to do. Just tell me where and how and I'll get it done. Not super fast and maybe not perfectly but it frees other people up to do other things. After all, that's what an indentured servant does...although he started introducing me as "intern" today and that definitely sounds more official ;)

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Michelle K said...

If you need any help understanding the finer details of cricket just ask ;-).

But a serious question, isn't this historical site representing America? In what year? I thought cricket didn't come across at all to the US from England (although why I assumed that I have no idea). So now I'm just curious as to how long it was played for and why it died out, or mutated into baseball (? Did it? Or was baseball born out of something completely different?)