Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Long Weekend Report

My first full, no-work weekend. It was so nice. Really relaxing and wonderful. Friday I just puttered around. I ran some errands, hung out at home and mostly just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Saturday I met mom at the Farmers' Market in the morning for a pancake breakfast. It was the official kick off for the season and they couldn't have ordered better weather. It was beautiful out!

That afternoon I went to the wedding ceremony of a girl I worked with at NR. It was really nice and I am so happy for them.

Sunday after church Mom, Dad and I went out to the Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair. We didn't actually go to the rodeo part because it's an extra charge over and above your gate admission. We did browse all the booths and exhibits though. I didn't take any pictures at all. Can you believe it? There was just nothing photo worthy. I could have filled a scrapbook with pictures of sunburnt people though. I haven't seen so much red skin in a long time.

After the fair we drove into White Rock and walked along the water for awhile before stopping for some fish and chips.

Monday morning was a statutory holiday (Victoria Day). I was up at 5:30 (there's something wrong with that!) and I drove into the Vancouver airport with Meredith's parents to pick her up. She's here from Australia for awhile. When we got back I went home and went back to bed for awhile. Then I puttered around (tidied my house, scrapbooked, checked emails etc) before joining Mere and her family for dinner.

So that was my long weekend. Quiet and relaxed just like it should be.

My brothers made the trip up to where my extended family (Dad's siblings and their kids) were having a reunion. No one was expecting Seth and Robert and they said when they walked into the hall everyone went quiet for a moment until they realized who they were. The boys haven't seen that side of the family since my Grandfather's funeral a few years ago. They had a nice time and I'm glad they were ready to go.

Today the weather is miserable. There was thunder and lighting so loud this morning that it woke me up and I thought for sure we were having an earthquake. It scared me so bad. It's supposed to get nicer later in the week but right now I'm back at work so it's not that big a deal.


Kaye said...

Wow! You had a busy weekend. I'm glad you got to do so much fun stuff.

Veronica said...

Sounds like your first "free" weekend in a while was a huge success :) Enjoy!