Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

The calendar says it's Wednesday. I'm not exactly sure how it got to be Wednesday already but my co-workers assure me that the calendar is right. So, what have I been up to lately? Here's a quick run down.

Thursday, May 1st
I had in my planner that I was scheduled to work at the store so after a mind-numbing day of filing with my boss, I ran home, at a quick dinner and arrived at the mall to find two of my co-workers looking at me with a puzzled expression.

" I not on tonight?"

"No, your on tomorrow"

"Oh, uh, okay then"

So I wandered around the mall for awhile, went to the library and then went home and vegged.

Friday, May 2nd
I did work at the store. Busy night...until 8pm when traffic absolutely died. I had lots to do though so the shift flew by.

Saturday, May 3rd
Leisurely morning at home. I slept in to after 10am. When I got up I took my time getting ready and having breakfast and then I called my mom and we went for a drive. Stopped in at Terri's Croptoberfest to say hi. Visited a used book store that I kept meaning to go to when I worked out there and finally was able to locate. It's really neat. Stuffed full of books and other neat things. We found a couple of books to complete some of the series that Mom is collecting too. Next stop was an LSS to check out their National Scrapbook Day sales. I walked out with two (TWO!) pieces of paper. I was very proud of me :D Last stop was another used bookstore where we found more books. It was fun.

Oh, I forgot our FIRST stop. At Zellars! A few weeks ago was Administrative Professionals Day (or whatever it's called now). Everyone in the office got $50 HBC gift cards. HBC (Hudson's Bay Company) means that they are good at The Bay (big Canadian department store like Sears), Zellars (like Target), Home Outfitters (like...what? Linen's and Things I guess) and another store.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I am the worst decision maker on the planet. Especially when it comes to spending gift cards. It's HARD. Do I buy something fun? Something useful? Something that is $50? Something more? Something for work? What do I want? What do I NEED? These are all the thoughts that I have to fight with when spending a gift card. (Don't get me wrong. I love them. Feel free to send them to me ;) But be aware that they'll send me into a state of mental gymnastics).

My wandering in the mall on Thursday mostly consisted of making my rounds in The Bay to see if there was anything there that I would want. I started in the clothing section.

"A nice new blazer for work would be good..." Didn't find any.

Shoes? None that I liked.

Purses? "LOVE this red's's $200" Not going to happen.

Upstairs. Furniture...nothing for $50.

Electronics. Appliances. Kitchenware. Crystal. Pictures. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

So Saturday I dragged my wonderful mother to Zellars. Same deal. New bedding? Nope. They only have horrid colours. Kitchen stuff? Nothing I NEED (this was right after I had picked up the microwave so I was feeling pretty good on the kitchen front). Foot stools? End tables? Nothing I liked. All of a sudden, BRAINWAVE! LUGGAGE I NEED luggage. I WANT luggage. Can I find a decent set for $50ish? First one? $200. Next? $150 for a set. Deeper and deeper into the jungle that is the luggage section of Zellars.
Do you KNOW how many different kinds of bags there are? Black, blue, red, green, black, purple, camo, orange, black and on and on. I was down on my knees looking at one set when a kindly older gentleman drew my attention to a sale set. I think he regretted it afterwards because I pounced. It's awesome (I took a picture for you) 60% off so it was EXACTLY $50. Teal (not black!) And, four pieces. Probably not super awesome quality but it will be sufficient for the amount of travelling I do. Isn't it pretty? :D

That was pretty much the best part of my weekend. Saturday night was bible study which rocked as always.

Sunday, May 4th
Church in the morning. Lunch with friends afterwards. Then I went to Mom & Dad's typed up minutes for the committee I volunteer on and then we went for a walk. I got a nasty blister from that but it was nice to be outside anyways.
I went home and tried to clean one of my tables off...three hours and six cards later I had a bigger mess then when I started!

Monday, May 5th
We were supposed to start the day with a conference call but it got postponed.
Worked on board meeting prep all day.
Stayed home that night. Actually got that table cleared off! Now I don't have to eat on the couch anymore :D

Tuesday, May 6th
Had that conference call. Got really stressed out about the board meeting. Ended up staying an hour later to get prepared.
Mom came over and dropped off/picked up some stuff and stayed and chatted for awhile.
Took a bath, went to bed early.

There. You're up to date on my life :) Hopefully I'll have something more interesting than luggage to report on in the future.


Anonymous said...

That luggage would go very well in Australia :)

Karin said...

Well I happen to think that new luggage is very exciting ~ and what a deal! Very cool set Heidi!

I am envious of your time in the used bookstores as well. If I absolutely have to be in town, I want to be in a bookstore. We can get lost for hours upon hours there!

Goodness, you have busy weeks!

Michelle said...

That luggage is nice Heidi! Are you going to show it off when you come to Michigan? ;)

This is the first time I've come to your blog (Michelle in MI from SS) and I love it! Hope you won't mind if I read more. :D

Traci said...

Absolutely perfect.. for a SS weekend retreat that is, lol. Especially if one were to travel to.. say SWON, or CNY.. you get the picture. (My side of the continent)

Love your bargain!

Patty said...

Have luggage - must travel!!

Veronica said...

Huh. I see someone already beat me to saying the luggage would come in handy for a trip to Australia ;)

agent713 said...

LOL If y'all will be patient with me I'll take you up on your offers :)

First up is Michigan. Hopefully Australia won't be too far off.

Kaye said...

I agree with Tracilouwho -- you should use the luggage and head this way to CNY!