Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Storytime :)

Have you ever heard the story about the new guy who arrives in town? He wanders over to an old timer sitting in front of the general store and asks "So, what are the people like in this town" The old timer looks the new guy over and asks "Well, what were they like where you came from?" The new guy sniffs and shakes his head. "Horrible. They were gossipy, back biting, un-neighbourly and grouchy." The old timer frowns and says "Well, I'm sorry to say, you'll find them much the same here".

The next day the old timer is again warming the bench when a different new guy arrives. He asks the same question "what are the people like around here?" and get's the same question in reply, "What were they like where you came from?". His answer is different though. "In my old town they were wonderful, caring, thoughtful, friendly and loyal. I'll miss them." The old timer grins and says "Welcome to town, you'll find that our citizens are much like the friends you left behind."

The moral of the story is that if you go somewhere expecting people to be ornery and surly, they probably will be. If you arrive expecting them to be open and fun, and you portray that attitude yourself, you'll probably fit right in and make some wonderful friends.

I am very happy to say that, especially in professional environments, I have been very lucky to find a lot of the second group of people. I haven't worked very many places but I am still in contact with many of my co-workers and my life is richer for having known them.

Last night I worked at the store and afterwards my boss, one of the other key holders, and I went out to a restaurant. We had a really nice time just chatting about different things. They're both sad that I'm moving on but they understand and they've promised to call me the next time they get together. Sounds good to me!

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Lee said...

That old timer's might smart, eh? Great story, Heidi.