Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog Challenge: Act Your Age

If you could go back to any age again, how old would you want to be and why?
What age would you least like to be and why?

Easy peasy. What age would I want to be? 7. What age could you not pay me to be again? 15.

Seven was a great age. If I had to go be a kid again, or if I got to be one for just one day, I'd be seven. I was in grade two that year with Miss Sharpe. I had lots of friends. Meredith and Rachel & Lisa lived a few houses away and I had lots of school and church friends. Seth was five and Robert was three so we could do some stuff together. Seven was a wonderful carefree year. Play, play, play and play some more. Outside in our big yard, at the park, inside in our huge playroom it didn't matter. There were no worries and any concerns we did have were brushed off.

I even remember very clearly the day I TURNED seven. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and I was wearing my best dress and feeling on top of the world. One of the ladies told me "Seven is a very special number" and she's right. It was a great year.

In contrast, fifteen was a horrible year. I only had a handful of friends and I was in the middle of the very akward teen years. To this day I feel sorry for fifteen year old girls because I know how hard it can be. School seemed like it would *never* end, horomones are out of wack and every single small detail seems like an unsurmountable obstacle. I hated being fifteen.

The truth is though, I would never want to go "back". Maybe for one day but I have "been there done that" with many good memories and I have no desire to repeat my childhood.

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Anonymous said...

ahh. .7 would be nice. .I got my ears pierced and a new bike that year. . you are right 7 was a good year. .I've wrote my blog challenge yet. .7 was good but not sure I'd go back to being 7. .I'm still pondering. .