Friday, April 11, 2008

Second Visitation

According to my trusty blog it's been a full year since my last visitation with Dance. Last night a number of us visited the club in my hometown. It was an interesting experience. The hall is only about five blocks from my house. I still drove because it was dark by the time we got out and if my dad heard that I was walking through downtown alone he'd have my head.

Most of the members there seem to be older. I mean, I know that square dancing generally attracts seniors but these were...senior, seniors LOL All very sweet people. I didn't have a partner with me but the president of the club stepped in and we danced well together. It was billed as a Plus Level dance (Basic/Mainstream/Plus). I've been dancing for 3.5 years now and I kind of naturally progressed into Plus. I was really happy with how I did last night though. A different caller is always an adventure but this one was quite good. Very easy going.

I had to laugh at one point. There was this one sweet older guy who can't have been all of five feet tall. Dancing with him was like dancing with a child. At one point he spun me around and he kept my hand (over my head) through the whole move. After I completed it he said "Hey, I did it!" Like it was a big accomplishment LOL

Monday night is our last night of dance for the season and then we're done again until September. It's hard to believe we're finished so soon!

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