Sunday, April 27, 2008

Okay, so I didn't last a month

Is anyone surprised? I stopped by the store today and gave my two weeks notice. It was way harder emotionally then I had expected but I'm happy with my decision. I'll miss a lot of aspects of it. I enjoyed working in a store, using my knowledge of the product to help people with their purchases. I enjoyed the paper work side of it, processing transactions and tracking sales. I liked working in the mall and never knowing who I'd run in to. And the money was certainly nice but, I finally decided that I can't "balance" a second job with my personal commitments and stay sane. Work was winning out way too often and it wasn't healthy.

I am looking forward to having my weekends back though. I considered just giving up the key but then I'd still have to work weekends, and most definitely Sunday's and that's what I wasn't willing to do. I'm also looking forward to being able to plan ahead. I'm naturally a planner and I'm tired of saying "Yes, I'll be there" or "We can do that, **IF** I don't have to work". No more if's.

I have to write a letter to officially state that I'm quitting and I'll submit that this evening. My final day will be May 10th. That's over six months already. I'm ready for a break though.


Veronica said...

Good for you - knowing when you need to quick and actually putting that into action takes guts. You have done so very well to keep up this busy schedule for 6 months and I am certain it's been a huge help to your financial situation - not just through earning more money but also having less time to spend money ;)
Enjoy that first weekend with no work commitments - I am sure it will be bliss!

Veronica said...

Ugh - quit...not quick (I hate typos right at the beginning of a long paragraph ;))

Kaye said...

Good for you for knowing that you needed to let go of this and then following thru. I hope you enjoy your new-found free time!