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Deric Ruttan: First Time in a Long Time

I love having a blog. There are little things that would never make it into a scrapbook, or even a day planner, that, when you go back and read them, are so cool! My organized nature loves being able to link back to previous entries (as you well know). I think my most linked entry is this one: Dierks in Vancouver Someday I'm going to take the time to make a top ten list for my sidebar and that one will be at the top. Anyways, enough rambling. I'm linking it today for this paragraph:
Dierks said that Deric Ruttan was kicking around back stage too and he invited him to come out but he never did. That would have been cool. For those of you who don't remember, just after I started blogging last year I went to the Basics for Babies breakfast and met Derric. He's a co-writer on a few of Dierks songs including "Lot of Leaving Left to Do" and the new "That Don't Make it Easy Loving Me". I read on the message board that Derric was at the Grand Prarie show which means he might be travelling with him. That's awesome because it means they're writing together and I love their collaborations.

(The Basics for Babies Breakfast would be the second most linked entry LOL This picture is Deric and I that day)

So, why am I linking to so many previous posts? Well, because I can and because I have info to add. I bought Deric's new cd "First Time in a Long Time" on Friday and I've been listening to it almost non-stop since (I do that with new cd's but this one is especially good). I actually had to go to two different stores before I found it and then when I did get it, I had to go to work at the store immediately.

I wanted to read the liner notes to see who Deric's co-writer's had been. Luckily we had another associate on so I actually got a break (I don't normally when I work evenings). On my break I finally sat down and read the liner and when I did, I laughed. No wonder I like Deric and his music!!! First of all, this record was produced by Brett Beavers who is Dierks' producer as well. Brett is also a co-writer on a few of the tracks. Other co-writers include Jimmy Rankin (I'll put the significance of a Rankin in another post, for now, for those of you who don't recognize the name, he's a fairly well known Canadian musician) and Chris Thorsteinson and Dave Wasyliw of Doc Walker!!!

Also in the liner notes (this is why I'm not in favour of cd's going away but that's another post as well) was a note from Deric. I don't know if it's kosher to type it up but I'm going to anyways since I doubt many of my readers will actually buy the cd (you should though. You're missing out ;))

On January 11, 2007, backstage at Rexall Place in Edmonton, I sat watching my friend Eric Church eat supper out of a styrofoam box. It was the fourth night of Dierks Bentley's "Locked & Loaded Canadian Tour, Eric and Doc Walker were opening, I was writing with Eric, and most nights getting up with Dierks to sing. Eric had invited me out on the road to write songs for his new record. Seemed like I'd been writing a lot lately, writing for a lot of people's records -- except mine. Most days on tour Eric would visit radio, and most days he'd come back on the bus and tell me someone there had said to tell me 'hello'. Every night Dierks was calling me up on the stage to sing, "That Don't Make It Easy Loving Me", and then he'd join me on one of mine -- "When You Come Around". The crowds were loving it. Eric and I sat there in relative silence, listening as 3,000 people roared on the other side of the cinder block wall. Eric paused between chews, "Are you going to make another record?" "Yep" I said. "Good," he said starting to chew again, "Because you'd be an idiot not to".

So, going back to my previous quote, I was wrong on who Deric was out writing with. It was Eric not Dierks. It doesn't mean that Deric and Dierks DIDN'T write together but we won' know for sure until Dierks' new cd is released late this year.

Anyways, I just love how Deric wrote that paragraph. I want to tell him "thanks for not being an idiot!" I have tickets to see him in a few weeks...that's where this is going. I'll be talking about him a lot more in the next little while LOL

And, AND (yes, there's more) Most of the cd's have a little insert in them now. Advertising other cd's, ring tones/music downloads and coming shows. The little slip in Deric's cd has a list of his probable tour dates. Guess what the last one is? July 12th at the Calgary Stampede!!! That's the same day Dierks is scheduled to perform! So, like I said, you'll be hearing a lot more about these guys :D

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