Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So the most exciting part of my weekend was the Alan Jackson concert but that's not all that happened. Let's see, Thursday was the board meeting followed by a dinner in the hotel. I was up until 11:30 drinking with my Directors. Fun but then it's hard to fall asleep.

Friday I didn't have any trouble getting up but by the time the meeting was over I was exhausted. I was home by 3ish which was good. I laid down for a bit but I still couldn't sleep. I ended up going over to my parents house and having pizza for dinnner with them.

Saturday was my last day at the store. It was a good shift. I had great sales and we had a contest going so I got some free clothes. It was a nice parting gift. I turned the keys in as well so I am officially finished. I'm happy with that decision too.

Saturday night was the concert.

Sunday after church we had a catered Mother's Day dinner at the church which was really nice. Then I went home and tidied up a bit and then just scrapbooked all evening. It was nice and relaxing.

Get this though, this is my schedule for the coming week.

Monday - Nothing
Tuesday - Nothing
Wednesday - Church
Thursay - Nothing
Friday - Nothing!!!

I'm so excited! LOL This coming weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend and it promises to be busy but I am loving not having to work when I get home from work and not having any other obligations.


Karin said...

You are in danger of losing your 'rat on a wheel' title my dear! Grin! But hey, since you've got a plethora of time on your hands, can I send you my ever expanding stack of photos to scrap?

Kaye said...

Since you've got all this free time I think you should come to New York and visit me and Tracilouwho!