Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mine to Discover

Maybe this will inspire me to get back into blogging. I miss it. I really do. I have lots to say but no discipline to sit down and say it. Work has been really busy with the audit, home is crazy because I’m either packing or just vegging and avoiding packing, and last week I was on vacation anyways. Every time I try to start a blog entry I get bogged down by everything I HAVEN’T blogged yet, and then nothing gets posted.

So I’m hoping a fresh new look will entice me to get back to blogging. Blogspot offered up some new templates and this one is pretty much exactly what I had envisioned for a new look. I like the coffee coloured brown and I have a thing for maps so this is perfect. The new title is a play on the tag line for the province of Ontario: Yours to Discover.

According to the countdown made for me by Deb, I only have about 62 days before I leave BC and head East, across this great country, to my new home province. There’s tons to do before then but I’m excited for the adventure, and I really want to try and record it all here!

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Veronica said...

I really like the new look. I'm hopelessly bad about blogging too, must do something about that.