Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Cheers for Inspiration!

I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Friday I had an impromptu picnic with my parents. Saturday Mere and I hung out and relaxed. Sunday was more of the same with a bunch of friends at Chris & Leah's. Today is Monday and inspriation struck. I finally got my act together and pulled my bed out of the bedroom and back into my "scrap room" so that Robert can move his bed in this weekend. I have more stuff I need to pull out of that bedroom but the bed was the big thing. I also re-arranged my scrap room/bedroom to accomodate my desk(s) and bed. It actually all fits surprisingly well. The table and desk are going to my friend's house but I'll use them for a few more weeks. I also took a bunch of boxes over to my parents house. I'm tired now but it feels good to have this done. I feel like I know what's next, finally!

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