Thursday, June 24, 2010


I woke up in a great mood this morning. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping…and then I realized it was five freaking o’clock in the morning! Not cool. Not cool at all, especially since I was late falling asleep last night. I briefly considered just getting up but then I realized if I went back to sleep I could probably get in almost two hours. Of course I didn’t fall asleep right away so it was closer to only one hour but still, better than nothing, even if I wasn’t in as great a mood when I finally did roll out of bed :P

In other news, I’m getting a roommate. Here’s the short version of the story.
February-ish: My brother Robert decided he wanted to look into moving back as his girlfriend is here and he was never meant for Alberta in the first place. I told him he was more than welcome to move in with me if he chose to. The “drop dead date” for letting me know is June 30th because I had to give notice if I was moving out.
March-ish: he decided that the jobs in BC didn’t pay enough so he couldn’t afford to move
April: spring slow down started and he was hardly getting ANY hours.
May: I started mentally preparing myself for clearing out my apartment. I had friends who are furnishing their basement suite for students in and we made a list of things they were planning on taking with them.
June 1st: since it didn’t look like Rob would be moving, and I ran into my landlord in the hallway three days in a row, I gave my formal notice and signed the move out paperwork.
June 1st (that evning): Robert called to say he had an interview.
June 2nd: Called my landlord to say “hold those papers, they may not be valid”
June 7th: Robert interviewed with a local company
June 11th: Robert got the job
June 15th: Called my landlord and cancelled the move out request
June 19th: Robert showed up with his first load of stuff
June 21st: Talked to my landlord about a tenant down the hall that had moved out and left over $3,000 worth of damage to her unit. I mentioned that I had saved them the trouble of finding a new tenant for my unit. My landlord said “yes, and I appreciate it. I don’t ‘owe you’, but I appreciate it” ;)

Actual move in date for Robert is slightly up in the air depending on when he can officially give up his other place. It’s looking like the long weekend but we’ll see. It’s been an interesting ride. The best parts are that a) Rob get’s a nice place at a great rate, b) it comes mostly furnished because I won’t be getting rid of as much stuff now.

The yes/no/yes thing was kind of crazy and his schedule’s still really up in the air, but bottom line is, by the time I’m ready to move, he’ll be fully in. Works for me!

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