Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last semester Monday's were my favourite day of the week. This time around it was Wednesday's. They were pretty busy. I had French, Medieval History and Canadian History all back to back. Then I had an hour break and my Canadian History Tutorial. After that I headed home for a few hours before going to church. I also had Thursday's off. You'd think Thursday's would be my favourite day but I really did like being in class and knowing that I had a whole day off the next day. Thursday's I often worked so how good a day it was varied. Wednesday's were like a fake Friday but I wasn't as tired as I was by Friday. This week I'm looking forward to Wednesday because I will be entirely done my first year of university. I have three exams between now and then but I am really just ready to be done. Wednesday I will be. That's all I care about right now.

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