Monday, November 15, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude V3#14 - Mondays

Mondays are my favourite day of the week right now. Sounds crazy doesn't? Let me tell you why.
  1. They are the start of a fresh week and full of possibility with plenty of time to get everything done
  2. I have Latin and then back to back History Lecture and History Tutorial. Three hours of classes that I really enjoy and I can go home.
  3. I seem to rarely work on Mondays so I have the whole afternoon/evening to do school work
  4. Mostly I just like knowing that deadlines are still a few days away.

Tuesday's aren't horrible but they're long and I usually work so they're REALLY long. Friday's are a short day but by then I'm exhausted and conflicted about wanting to go out and needing to do school work. Saturdays are okay but they're usually really busy. Sundays are good too but there's something special about Mondays. I am thankful that I enjoy Monday's so much!

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