Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Attitude of GratitudeV3#2 - Sunshine

I am thankful for sunshine. Growing up in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I got used to plenty of long dull dreary days in a row. They didn't really bother me. I have a lot of indoor hobbies that are perfect for rainy days and in some ways I would get confused when the sun came out because I would feel guilty about wanting to stay inside.

Newcomers and visitors to the area would comment about how depressing the weather was but I never really understood them. After two months of living in Southern Ontario, I think I am beginning to see where they were coming from. Yes it rains here, but rarely for more than two days in a row. It gets overcast but, unlike the Fraser Valley which is surrounded by mountains and traps the clouds and pollution, here the wind comes in and sweeps it all away. The wind is COLD (I wasn't mentally prepared for that) but it clears the air and let's the beautiful sunshine through.

So even when the temperature drops, you can still find sun and absorb some vitamin D. I didn't understand people who couldn't handle days and days of clouds, but if this is what they are used to, then I can see why they get depressed. Sunshine makes everything better.

Written early this morning while I was waiting for the bus and standing in the sun.

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