Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude V3#18 - Via

I've confessed before in this blog that I'm a closet instant coffee drinker. Well, I'm happy to report that, thanks to Starbucks, I've "upgraded" my tastes. I still drink "instant" but now it's "microground" and really does taste much better. As barista's we get a free pound of coffee a week, or, a box of Via. As you can see, I have a bit of a collection :) I *love* the Christmas blend and there's rumours of Verona coming as well. The Iced Via was my saviour this summer while I was packing in a major heat wave and while travelling. I went through a few boxes of it on the road. It worked well to stop at a gas station, buy a bottle of milk, and have coffee!

A quick Via funny, the other day one of my fellow barista's said that he keeps Via in his glove box and when he's out and about he'll drive through at Tim Hortons and just order hot water, and then add Via. Smart!

Today, and most days, I'm thankful for Via. It's faster and cleaner than "real" coffee and cheaper than actually goin in to the store (although I do that a lot too). Have you tried it? What do yo think? What's you're favourite flavour?

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Karin said...

I am not a coffee drinker and you can't doctor it up so I will drink it. I LOVE the smell, but not the taste. However, my DH is, and he heard about Via on a hunting site. LOL. I find out all sorts of stuff from hunters. So I bought some and he took it when he went hunting. He likes it, but is not into the different flavors so just plain old coffee for him with a dash of cream on occassion. Just hand me a good cup of tea.