Friday, November 12, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude V3#12 - Understanding Profs

Question: What do you get when you combine PMS, homesickness, a midterm that I am not prepared for and $10?

Answer: A medical note with a diagnoses of "acute stress teary unable to cope"

Money can't buy happiness but it does buy a repreive. The stress of the last few months finally came crashing down last night and I ended up in a teary mess. Today's not much better. I managed to make it down to my prof's office two hours before the exam and she agreed that I'm not in any shape to write a test. I had to go get a medical note and I can take the midterm next week. In the meantime I'm going to meet with her a few times so I can properly prepare for it. I am thankful for understanding profs.

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Martha said...

Ah yes, I too have written the "acute situational stress response" note a time or two. It is good you were able to approach your instructors and that you received a favorable response from them. Hang in gets better.