Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Day in the Life

See? When I start blogging I just keep going!
Tuesday was a crazy busy day. Not exactly "typical" but at the same time, not really untypical either. I want to share what I dealt with just so you get a sense of what I have to put up with sometimes.
9:30 am - get up, get ready (rough life. I know :P)
11:03 am - catch the bus
11:08 am - realize I forgot the poster board for a group project that I was supposed to deliver. Get off bus.
11:15 am - catch bus home, grab poster board.
11:33 am - catch the bus to school again.
11:45 am - arrive in Human Geography class. 15 minutes late, I've really only missed YouTube videos. Gotta love university.
12:20 pm - class finishes
12:30 pm - Geography lab. Meet with group, deliver poster board. Work on group presentation.
2:10 pm - accompany Geography class to an art exhibit that we have to do short answer questions on for next class
2:20 pm - grab a bagel and chocolate milk from the Tim Hortons in the Science Building (across campus from where my Geography class meets)
2:30 pm - North American Studies Lecture (a political science course)
3:40 pm - get out ten minutes early from class.
3:50 pm - go to a local cafe for dinner, read book for History course while eating.
5:00 pm - Languages & Literature "Meet the Profs" night organized by the French club
6:30 pm - Work at Starbucks
9:00 pm - break, try new Caramel Brule Latte. Yummy!
9:15 pm - back to work
11:30 pm - finish work
11:38 pm - catch the bus home
At home I washed my hair and attempted to do Latin for awhile before going to bed at, I don't remember when.

So, crazy day. I was on the go for basically 12 hours straight with just over an hour for a dinner break but in that time I was reading the book I have to do a report on in the next two weeks. Like I said, not every day is that busy, and I only have that Geography lab every second week, but still. I was exhausted by the end of the day!!!

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Karin said...

Well, I for one am glad you're blogging again! Good to hear what you've been up too. I figured you moved on and forgot about us 'little people'. Grin. I am not going to pick on you for getting such a late start in the day because I can't stay up past 9 pm. Some days I'm tired by 9 am! LOL! Sounds like you're loving life and the changes you've made agree with you beautifully!