Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude V3#8 - My GG102 Group

Group work is always a crapshoot. You never really know who you're going to get stuck with and if they're any good or not. For my GG102 (Human Geography) class we have five lab sessions during the semester and in those sessions we've had to do a group project. Five topics were posted and you had to write your name on the one that interested you. Unfortunately, the topic I wanted was immediately claimed by a bunch of guys that I knew I didn't want to work with. I ended up putting my name down for "Economics" which was the dumbest topic, we struggled with it the whole time. The good part? My group ROCKED! We had SO much fun together. There were five of us total. Three girls and two guys. Three business students, two history students. One fifth year, two second years and two first years. One living on campus and four living off. Only two of us kind of knew each other before the lab. The rest of us were strangers but we've had so much fun with this project and we all sit together in class now. We got together Monday night at one of the girls houses to put together our final presentation. It was tons of laughs. I don't know how well we'll actually do on the content part of the project, but I know I had fun working on it and to me, that's what matters. So, for this post, I'm thankful for awesome group members!!!

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