Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rebellion or Destiny?

Picture this. It's near the end of the year, grade nine. I'm in sewing class (Room 222!) talking wiht friends. The last dance of the year is coming up. I've asked my parents if I can go and, not unexpectedly, they said no. I'm lamenting this to my friends and somehow in the course of our conversation the concept of the extra-curricular Student Leadership class comes up. They're taking sign-ups in the main hall right now and they host the dances. If I joined Student Leadership I'd have to go to the dances! I'd be "working". Sweet! Iget permission to go to the "bathroom" and go immediately and sign up.

I was very active in Student Leadership (and yes, attended my share of dances which got old *really* fast) for grades ten and eleven. In grade twelve I was getting lazy and didn't want to have to be at the school for 7:15 am anymore so I didn't sign up. My teacher called me during the summer to convince me that he wanted my name on the list even if I didn't attend all the morning meetings. (Free credits! Sweet!) That year he also took me along with a few other kids to two separate leadership conferences. The provincial one at Silver Star and a local valley one.

Since then I've been on multiple committees and boards including my most recent appointment, as a "Directrice" of the French Club for the 2011/12 year. And it all started with "tricking" my parents into letting me to go a silly high school dance.

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