Monday, March 21, 2011

Le Salon Gastronomique

Our latest homework assignment for French Class was to pic a country, find a recipe typical of that country or region, prepare it and present it at the "Salon Gastronomique" on Friday afternoon.

I did my last project with a girl named Tyanah and we paired up again for this one. She decided that we should do dessert crepes. I admit the concept scared me but she was so confident that I just agreed to go along with it. Her mom jumped on board big time as well. Mrs. T, with Tyanah's help, ended up making almost 100 mini crepes (about 5" in diameter), cutting up tons of fruit and providing us with all sorts of syrups and toppings (icing sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, syrup, and the ever popular nutella). Tyanah even borrowed soccer jerseys from her brother so we could be wearing a "costume" from France.

My help came in with assembling the poster. Tyanah came over to my place with some poster board and we used my scrapbooking supplies to create a pretty awesome looking poster. I freehanded the outline of the Eiffel Tower and cut "Paris, France" out using my Sizzix. Then we printed all the other requirements (map, recipe, history of the food, pictures of famous monuments) and matted them on cranberry paper. I think it turned out pretty darn good.

The day of the Salon, our booth was one of the most popular. Lots of peole had two or three crepes, and we STILL had leftovers! The diversity of food there was incredible. It was supposed to be French speaking countries. A short list includes: Switzerland, Morroco, Madagascar, Tahiti, Some-island-that-Survior-was-on...Vatanu?, Quebec, Canada, other regions of France like Breton (they made the most yummy cookies) and so many others.

My friends Kinsey and Heather made to-die-for truffles.

Maria and Heather dressed up as French maids.

When we first got the assignment it seemed daunting but in the end it turned out to be really fun and I think we all did really, really well on it :)

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